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Bailey finds Holly at the grocery store. Holly wonders where Will is, because they were supposed to go over favorite foods. Bailey asks why Holly told Will about their fight. Um, because the INS guy might ask about it? Where has Bailey been? Holly basically says the same thing. Bailey wonders if there is anything about their relationship that Holly would protect. Maybe she would protect their ability to stay on the same continent? Holly says there isn't time to start making things up because the interview is in three hours. Bailey wonders if the interview matters more to Holly than their relationship. Holly agrees that might be so. Bailey tells her to get ready. Holly launches into a speech about how her parents were always moving around, but she always knew she wanted to be a doctor. She knows how Bailey feels, but she is certain of her future as a doctor, more so than her future with him. I can see her point, here. She's known she wanted to be a doctor for years, and she's known Bailey for months. Plus, it's nice to see someone on this show not basing her life around a Salinger for once.

Julia is walking upstairs with a basket of laundry. What, is this the Julia-does-chores episode? She never does any work around the house and now she is doing something in every scene. Anyway, she hears someone crying in the bathroom, and walks in to find Kirsten. Julia asks what's wrong, and picks up a book that is lying there that must be like What To Expect When You're Expecting because she figures out that Kirsten is pregnant. Kirsten says she came over to pick up some books Charlie bought when Daphne was pregnant, but something felt wrong, so she checked, and she's bleeding. Julia sits her down and starts asking about cramps and such. Because, remember, Julia has also had a miscarriage. Anyway, then Julia says she will take Kirsten to a doctor and they walk out. I have to say that I was actually nervous during this part, because I really didn't know what would happen.

Charlie rushes into the doctor's office to see Julia sitting in the waiting room. Julia tells him Kirsten is in with the doctor and she should be out in a minute. Kirsten comes out and says that she and the baby are both okay. Charlie asks what happened, and Kirsten recaps that last scene. Julia asks what the doctor said, and Kirsten says they did some tests and a sonogram, and it turns out Kirsten just didn't have enough progesterone. Or the baby is slowly starving. One or the other. Anyway, Kirsten says she just needs to take some hormones. Charlie admits that Kirsten was right about not going away for the weekend. Kirsten says she told the doctor about how anxious she's been, and the doctor said that "panicky mothers" can make things worse, and Kirsten should just trust that what will happen will just happen. Also, the doctor told her to eat a sandwich.

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