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Isn't It Romantic

Claudia and Julia are walking down the street, carrying like a million paper grocery bags each. Claudia can't believe that Julia isn't upset that Adam ditched her. Julia turns it all around to make it out like they're just taking a weeklong break. I don't remember Adam saying he would only be gone for a week. Did I miss something? Julia says she's not mad at him for going -- she's mad at him for failing to recognize, in both words and deeds, that she is the best thing since sliced bread. Or she's mad at him for saying "a bunch of stuff." Claudia asks what Julia means by "a bunch of stuff." Julia recaps her storyline last week, when Adam told her she does everything for other people and nothing for herself. Oh, that's Julia, all right. Selfless martyr. Whatever. Claudia wonders where Adam ever got such an idea, and Julia says it's because she "dropped her book." Claudia didn't know Julia dropped her book, and Julia says she didn't. It's just not ready yet. Claudia's whole purpose in this scene is to go, "But why Julia?" or "What do you mean, Julia?" Really, Julia might as well be talking to herself. Anyway, Claudia's all "Why isn't it ready yet?" and Julia says that people read it and they don't get it. Claudia doesn't say anything, and Julia wonders what Claudia is thinking. Claudia tells her to be quiet, but not because she won't stop talking about herself. Julia turns around to see what Claudia is staring at, and sees Ned pulling a parking ticket off his car. Everything goes slow motion as Ned crumples the ticket into a ball because he's Ned and he's angry! He might hit someone! Not to downplay the issue of domestic violence, but come on. Claudia pulls Julia into the car, like Ned's going to run across the street and hit her or something. As they pull away, Ned yells after them, "Everybody wants to be closer to free."

Bailey is sitting on a couch, reading a book, when Holly enters. I think he's in the factory, but it's hard to tell. Holly checks out the book he's reading, which he claims is about "cyber-business." Nobody had used the prefix "cyber" since 1996. It would be "e-business," probably. Anyway, Bailey tells her he's taking three courses, but they're not very challenging for his superior Salinger intellect, so he's thinking about going back to college full time. That brings up some other questions for him, like how he will afford it. Well, he didn't mention it, but that's what I was wondering, since he gave up his original college money for the restaurant. Bailey starts babbling about how he wants to plan his life around Holly, and wants to enroll wherever she ends up going for med school. Holly interrupts him, to introduce lame storyline A of this episode - her lawyer said that her student visa is being revoked because she works full time. But she has to work full time to pay her rent. Thus, she is probably going to have to go back to England. There are so many other solutions to this problem, but none of them would result in a green card marriage, so the writers ignore them. Bailey can't believe there's nothing they can do, and Holly says her lawyer is working on it, and she's hoping for the best.

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