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Isn't It Romantic

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Isn't It Romantic

Bailey and Holly are in the hospital cafeteria. Seriously, does Bailey do anything but follow her around? He's such a stalker. Anyway, Holly heard from her lawyer, it's not good, and they are appealing the decision. Bailey says that waiting around isn't going to help, but Holly says there's nothing else she can do. Bailey's been doing a little research (which must have included stopping by the video store and renting Green Card) and he has a solution. Holly's against it, because she thinks it will be too much pressure on their relationship. Bailey says it's a better option than having her go back to England, and that they can make it work. Holly points out that they just got back together, and she doesn't want to jeopardize their relationship. Like moving to another continent won't jeopardize their relationship? Plus, Holly is worried that they will be caught. Bailey says the only people who get caught are those that don't really love each other. There's an awkward pause after Bailey says the "L" word, and then Holly says Bailey's being pressured already to say things he doesn't mean. Bailey says it will just involve a little pretending, but their relationship doesn't have to change. Holly looks doubtful.

Julia is sitting on the steps into the living room, staring into space. Claudia comes in and asks about the mail, but Julia doesn't hear her. Claude tries again and Julia snaps out of it. Claudia asks if Julia was thinking about Ned, then apologizes for bringing him up. Julia says she was already thinking about it anyway, and that she keeps expecting to see him around every corner. Claudia says she can't live like that, and Julia says she called Maggie (Ned's ex-girlfriend and Julia's ex-roommate) and got Ned's address. Why would Maggie have Ned's address? Julia says she might just go to his apartment so she can see him and get it over with. Claudia can't believe she would do it, and Julia says she has started over there a bunch of times, and then stopped. Griffin walks in and wonders what they're talking about, and Claudia is evasive. Griffin thinks Julia has a new boyfriend, and says they can talk about it in front of him, but Julia admits they were talking about Ned, and that Ned is living a few blocks away. Okay, I don't know much about San Francisco, but it looks like the Salingers are living in a nice neighborhood. How could Ned afford that? He should be living where Bailey and Sarah used to live, I think. Griffin is all upset about Ned being back and Julia tells him the info she got from Maggie, including that Ned is seeing a psychiatrist. Julia thinks it would be better to see Ned on her own terms instead of running into him unexpectedly. Griffin disagrees. Julia says she isn't physically afraid of him, and Griffin says that Ned will start up with the head games again. Griffin begs Julia to promise him she won't see Ned. Julia just stands there. You know, what did Julia ever do to earn such loyalty from Griffin? Divorce him?

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Party of Five




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