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Isn't It Romantic

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Isn't It Romantic

Charlie comes home carrying a huge bouquet of roses, and apologizes for being late. Kirsten walks into the room, all dressed up. It was quite a dramatic entrance, and I think the director was going for stunning, but he took a wrong turn at skeletal and ended up at scary. Charlie gives Kirsten the flowers, and says that after this morning he thought he would have to buy her a pony. Was his transgression that morning really that bad? I mean, if he forgot their wedding anniversary, that would be one thing. Anyway, Kirsten says something about the roses being "Don't hate me" roses. There's a knock at the door and Kirsten opens it to find Daphne and Diana standing there. Hugging and exclamations of surprise abound. Wouldn't Daphne notice that they are all dressed up, and realize she was interrupting something? Anyway, Daphne says she came up a week early as a surprise. Charlie asks how long she's staying, and Daphne says maybe for good.

Julia goes over to Ned's apartment. Guess Griffin's loyalty doesn't mean that much to her, huh? Ned says, "It's okay, I'm not going to..." but before he can finish, Julia barges in without being invited. There goes my theory that Julia is a vampire, sucking the life force out of men. Ned tries to play host, asking if she's thirsty or wants to sit down. Julia says she just wanted to see him. Talk about head games - the way she said that made it sound like she really missed him. Ned jokes that she just wants to stare at him. Julia mentions that she found out what he's up to from Maggie, and Ned says Maggie must have talked to his parents. So, that solves that mystery. Ned starts getting worked up because he's Ned and he's angry! He wonders how long "this stuff" is going to follow him around. Julia tells him about her book and he asks if she used his name. Hey, could he have sued her if her book was published? Ned asks if Julia wrote the book for revenge. Julia says she just needed to figure things out. Ned says that it wasn't enough that she reported him and almost got him kicked out of school, and that he's trying to get past it, but no one will let him. Do you think if I liked Julia more, I could hate Ned more? Because, at this point, I do feel somewhat bad for him, especially if he is getting counseling and trying to change, and can admit that what he did was completely wrong. Let me state for the record that I am a strong opponent of violence in general and domestic violence specifically. Anyway, Ned asks if Julia think he deserved to be punished for what he did. Julia does, because she lost a year of her life to him, and she would have preferred to never see him again. In fact, she's not going to talk to him or see him again for the rest of her life, and she walks out.

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Party of Five




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