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Isn't It Romantic

Daphne and Kirsten are making breakfast, because as stated before, any scene with Kirsten in it must include food, lest we suspect that Paula Devicq has an eating disorder. It kind of backfires, since she never actually eats any of the food, and it just serves to point out how painfully thin she is, especially compared to the far more healthy looking Daphne. Anyway, Daphne says that Luke is wonderful, but he's always being deployed to other bases and leaving her alone. Kirsten asks what Daphne does, and Daphne says there isn't much to do, since the town they live in is more like a "truck stop" than a town. She says "truck stop" with some kind of Southern accent. At least I think that's what that was supposed to be. Daphne says that this time when Luke left, she decided to take off too, and then she wonders how Charlie and Kirsten manage to have this "incredibly strong marriage" when they both have careers also. Kirsten says they make time for each other, like having breakfast together every day. Daphne points out, "Except for today." Kirsten says they try to talk for a while before bed, and Daphne points out, "Except when he gets home at three in the morning." This whole conversation is framed so that it seems like Daphne is asking about her own situation, but it makes Kirsten realize that she and Charlie are in the same boat. It's kind of sad that they went to the trouble to bring Daphne back, only to have her serve as a parallel storyline to demonstrate Charlie and Kirsten's problems.

Bailey is on the phone, asking questions about a "blood test," obviously for his impending marriage. Will is standing in the background, but Bailey doesn't see him yet. As Bailey continues to talk on the phone, he turns and sees Will, and starts pretending that he was asking about a fishing license instead. What was the person on the other end of the conversation thinking? Bailey was all "blood test" and then suddenly he's all "freshwater or saltwater." Will asks if it's true that you don't need a blood test for a fishing license. Bailey's all, "Who knew?" Will asks if Bailey wants to "spill," or keep the charade going, because either way, Will is entertained. Bailey says, "It isn't what you think." Will asks if that means Bailey isn't marrying Holly. Bailey says it's complicated, and Will asks if it's about Holly's green card or lack thereof. Bailey realizes that it's not actually that complicated. Will tells him he needs to "get new material" and try to get through a year without "popping the question." This is another example, as with the Victor/Ross storyline, of the writers trying to do a pre-emptive strike against criticism. It's still not working. Bailey says it's all for show, a legal thing. Will interrupts Bailey's babbling to say that he thinks it's great, and that if he felt like Bailey does, he would marry Holly "in a heartbeat." He would? The writers really need to decide if Will is the commitment-shy, goofy Steve Sanders of yore, or the committed, baby-having Steve Sanders of today, because you can't have it both ways.

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