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Isn't It Romantic

Julia answers the door to see Ned standing there. She doesn't want to see him, but she ran out before he could tell her something. Julia says she spent all of last year listening to his words, but he gets angry because he's Ned and he's angry! Then he says, "I'm sorry." Ned explains how he started dating a woman named Miranda after he and Julia broke up, and that she ratted him out and he spent two weeks in jail, and the judge practically spat at him when delivering his sentence. Ned knows that he has problems, but he's trying, and he's seeing a doctor. He made a promise that he's not going to be with anyone until he knows that she's safe. Ned feels all sorry for himself, and wonders how long it will be before people stop looking at him like he's dirt. He's Ned and he's sad! Julia doesn't know and Ned says he just wants to feel human. Julia says that's not up to her. Griffin walks into the entryway and sees Ned, and pushes him out the door. Old Ned probably would have coldcocked Griffin, but new Ned just says, "Okay, I'm leaving!" and walks off.

Victor and Owen come home and find Ross waiting on the doorstep. Ross was supposed to meet Claudia. Victor tries to give Ross the brush-off so obviously that Ross asks if he should wait outside. Victor tells him to come in, and Ross asks if Victor's called the lawyer yet. Victor has decided not to go the legal route. Claudia comes in and remembers that she was supposed to meet Ross. Can I just make a comment about Claudia's rack? After being distracted by it all season, I've finally decided that they must make her wear a minimizer bra, because they know it's disturbing to those of us who are long-time viewers to see little Claudia all grown up. There's no other way to explain their appearance. Her breasts are really wide and smooshed looking. I can't wait until the series is over, and her poor breasts can breathe free. Anyway, Victor thinks Claudia made up this ruse to get him and Ross together again. Claudia denies it, and Ross says Victor's the one with the problem. Ooh, cat fight! Victor gives Ross a look, and Ross says that he's not being very "sweet or smart." Victor can't believe Claudia told Ross what he said. Ross says he understands if Victor doesn't want to go out with him, but why is he rejecting the help in getting his daughter back? Ross brings up Victor's ideas about accidental love, and says that if he just waited around waiting for a daughter, he wouldn't have one now, and that it was a match made by lawyers, and there's no one he loves more than his daughter. Isn't that a weird comparison to make, between looking for a boyfriend and looking for a child to adopt?

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