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Isn't It Romantic

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Isn't It Romantic

Daphne, Diana and Kirsten walk into the restaurant, and Kirsten comments that Charlie will probably be late. Charlie is actually already there, Ms. Smarty-Pants. Diana wanders off in the opposite direction, and Daphne's all "Daddy's over here! Where are you going?" As far as she can't get in the opposite direction, if she knows what's good for her. Daphne looks over to see that Diana was headed for Luke. Daphne rushes over to give Luke a hug, and he says he has some things to tell her. Charlie reports that Luke is going to move to Dallas and ask for a permanent position on the post, so that Daphne doesn't have to be alone all the time. Kirsten wonders how Charlie knows about it, and Charlie admits that he helped. Kirsten is upset that Charlie told Luke to make all these promises. Charlie says they are more than just promises. Kirsten is still totally negative, saying that she doesn't think it will work. Charlie says it will, but Kirsten finally admits that she's talking about them. She relates how Charlie made a lot of promises about things getting easier, but it's not happening. Didn't he just buy the business like a week ago? What does she expect? Kirsten says she knows she "signed up for it" but she's going to have a baby "soon" and she doesn't want to raise it herself. Soon? Kirsten has a warped sense of time. Anyway, Charlie says that won't happen. Kirsten says it's all words. Could I care any less about these two? I don't think I could.

Julia actually picks up a finger to help out around the house by taking out the garbage. Griffin is out in the shed, working on a motorcycle. He asks if Ned had a lot of excuses about his "old man" beating him up. Julia says Ned came to apologize. Griffin surmises that Julia was nice to Ned, and wonders why. Julia says she wasn't nice to him. Griffin then says that Julia must have accepted his apology. Three strikes and you're out! Julia didn't. She was straight with Ned and told him to leave her alone, but she wants to be able to forgive him. Griffin wants to know why. Julia says that forgiving Ned means forgiving herself, and she wants to be able to look back and see that she wasn't entirely wrong in loving Ned. Griffin starts to leave, and Julia says, "What?" Griffin tells that what she's saying is "a bunch of crap." I guess the blind loyalty is over. Griffin thinks that Julia can't have it both ways, and that forgiving Ned is like saying what he did was okay. Julia tries to disagree, but Griffin says she asked for his opinion (did she?) and that's it, even if she doesn't agree with it. It's nice to see Griffin grow some balls for once.

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Party of Five




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