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Isn't It Romantic

Holly enters Bailey's office at the factory and tells him he's a strange person. Bailey jokes that strange must be one of those words that is a compliment in England. Holly says that she's never met anyone like him, because not only did he come up with a solution to her deportation problem, but he managed to make it "fantastic," and she loves him for that. Bailey doesn't react to her use of the L-word, so she asks if he heard what she said. Bailey heard it. Holly says he needs to understand she loves him, and that's why she can't marry him. Huh? Bailey wonders if it's because "the honeymoon stuff" freaked her out. Holly says that she was in a department store and decided to buy some new clothes for her wedding. She found an expensive dress and figured, "What the heck?" because it's her wedding day. This led her to think that she that she might be leading Bailey on. I won't even try to explain the rest of her reasoning, because it was really dumb and didn't make any sense. Suffice to say, she doesn't think they are at a point where this can possibly work, because they will always wonder if they are pretending to be married or really married. You'd think they could just agree to keep the channels of communication open, like they would have to do whether they were married or not, but I guess that's too easy. Plus, obviously the writers' plans for the series finale don't include Holly.

Julia is typing away at her laptop when Claudia enters the room and asks what Julia is doing. Julia says she found this website where this horrible, horrible person makes fun of the Salingers in minute detail. Or she says she found a site for abuse victims. You be the judge. Julia says the site collects letters and stories from the victims, and she's been trying to upload her book, but she can't figure out how to "tag it." What does that even mean? Claudia can't believe that Julia is uploading her whole book. Yeah, neither can I. How long would that take on a dial-up connection, like a year? Anyway, Claudia meant that Julia said the book wasn't done yet. Julia says she read it last night and added an afterword about seeing Ned again, and that it's good enough. Griffin would say it's too forgiving, and Ned would say it's not forgiving enough, and any editor would say it's not ready and Adam would say that she shouldn't care what others think. But it's good enough for Julia. Claudia helps computer illiterate Julia figure out how to upload the book. Halfway through the twelve-hour upload, they get bumped off due to inactivity. Well, that's what would happen in the real world.

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