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Claudia is sitting on the lawn at her school, and Cody, her undead ex-boyfriend, approaches her and asks her about AP Chemistry. She asks him why he's there. Throughout this episode, they continue to have this same conversation, so let me summarize it for you now. Claudia tells Cody she wants nothing to do with him. Cody says she should give him another chance. Claudia says no. One or both of them walk away. Remember that, because it will happen again. And again. Well, that was also what happened in this scene.

Daphne drops Diana off at her new day care center, which is apparently at Daphne's workplace. I'm not sure when Daphne got a job, but apparently it's in sales of some sort. She makes comments about how sorry she is to drop Diana off, but Diana seems pretty oblivious to the whole thing.

Sarah walks into Bailey's AA meeting, which looks to be over. Bailey is sitting and talking one-on-one with another man until he notices Sarah and says hello. Sarah realizes that Bailey was having a private conversation and offers to leave, but Bailey says they were just about done. The man he was talking to gets up to leave and wishes Sarah luck at collecting signatures for voter registration. Sarah says she's always surprised by how much the other AA members know about her, and Bailey says it's no big deal. Sarah admits she's a little jealous of how much Bailey talks to his fellow AA members. This scene would have been a lot more realistic if there were more people drinking coffee and smoking, at least in my limited experience.

Julia is sitting in a writing workshop with some other students and a professor. The prof announces that they are going to start with Julia, and asks her if she has anything to say first. She says she's having trouble with the opening of Chapter One -- wouldn't that be the beginning of the book? Suddenly, Very Bitter Glasses-Wearing Girl says, "Why are we spending time on a project with a due date and a contract when just yesterday, we said results-oriented thinking is bad for the creative process?" Julia looks startled and the professor asks Julia how her writing process has been affected by the contract and "looming due date." Julia says she's just glad to be in the class so she doesn't have to deal with the pressure alone and then Very Bitter Deadhead Guy says, "How am I supposed to comment seriously on a commercial tell-all that is someone's cynical idea for a hot jacket cover?" I think Bitter Guy and Bitter Girl need to take it down a notch. The professor does too, and he reprimands the guy. Then he goes on to discuss how publishers can sometimes sign you to a contract, wine you, dine you, blah blah fishcakes you, and then pull out of publishing the book anyway. Gee, do you think he was talking about himself? Julia looks stunned by the whole thing. ["Maybe she and Felicity can go out for a drink and whine to each other about how hard the creative process is." -- Wing Chun]

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Party of Five




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