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Julia shows up in Evan's office because she has some questions. Evan assumes she has questions about the contract, but Julia says they are writing questions. She starts in with how she used to play make-believe with her brothers, and that resulted in gender traps, and there must be a metaphor there, and I'm thinking, this book is going to be the biggest load of crap. Anyway, isn't the personal memoir as trade paperback so 1996? Julia Salinger is no Mary Karr. Evan must be thinking this too, because he asks Julia if there is anyone at school or home she can talk to about this. Julia says no. Evan says their roles are supposed to be that he reads and she writes. Julia splutters and stammers some more, and Evan tells her that not only does he not want to help, he can't help her because he's not a writer.

Joe comes into Salinger's and Bailey asks him to cover for him tonight so that he can be with Sarah. I start wondering why Joe is still in San Francisco. Didn't he get married last season? Where is his wife? Joe offers to cover the whole week so that Bailey and Sarah can spend time together. Bailey says that Frannie must be expecting him back in L.A. Ah, I was right! Joe says that he and Frannie are spending some time apart, and that he would welcome the opportunity to get out of his hotel room once in a while. Bailey tells him to come to Salinger's whenever he wants.

Daphne comes home from work with Diana and her apartment is really messy. She also calls Diana "Snaggles," which I would think referred to her teeth if she had any. Daphne starts listing all the things she needs to do with Diana, like play, read books, feed her, bathe her, change her diaper -- except instead of doing any of these things, Daphne sits down on the couch and falls asleep.

Claudia literally bumps into Alexa at the top of the stairs and drops her books. Alexa helps her pick them up and then asks if what Cody did was horrible, because lots of guys cheat and sometimes they learn from it. Claudia realizes that Alexa's boyfriend, Cameron, cheated on her and that's why Alexa is so obsessed with Claudia and Cody. I'm glad there's an explanation because it was starting to feel a little Single White Female to me. Alexa says that Cameron "mashed with some chick at tennis camp." "Mashed"? I think that means "kissed," but I'm not sure. Who is writing for this show? Last week we had "extracurrics" and this week it's "mashed." Anyway, Claudia says she didn't know, and Alexa says that's because she didn't make Cameron sing a song in front of the whole school. Claudia says she didn't make Cody do that and Alexa says Claude should give Cody another chance. Claudia asks why Alexa cares and Alexa says she doesn't know and walks away.

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Party of Five




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