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Charlie is packing up to leave Mexico and Kirsten comes back into the room. Charlie asks where she was and she says she went to a boutique, and she starts pulling out scarves and talking about how they won't chafe your wrists. I can't really talk about the cheesiness of this scene, or the fact that the music was a blatant rip-off of "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak. Suffice to say, Kirsten's hair looked ridiculous with two little braids on the side for no apparent reason. This scene was not sexy in any way, shape or form. I'm glad their honeymoon is almost over.

Claudia is leaving school and Alexa calls to her and acts all friendly, and then apologizes for butting into the conversation with Cody. Claudia says that she needed the help, and thanks her. Alexa says that all her friends are dying to meet Claudia, and proceeds to introduce her as, "Claudia, as in the song." Have I mentioned that there are no songs with my name in them? It really annoys me. But I digress.

Daphne is feeding Diana and telling her about the great job she's going to find tomorrow, that will have on-site day care and everything. As she goes on, she decides maybe she doesn't need to look for a job quite yet. I'm wondering how she will continue to afford this gigantic apartment in San Francisco, the city with the highest cost of living in the United States, without a job.

Julia shows up in Evan's office (as she is wont to do) and starts babbling about her book. Evan tells her he doesn't work like that. Julia says that she only twenty years old, and she's never done this before. I have two words for her: Boo. Hoo. Anyway, Julia claims they have two choices: She can do this on her own and come out with a mediocre book, or Evan can help her make a great book. All he has to do is listen to her. He asked her to write this book so that he could find out how something like Ned's abuse could happen, and she doesn't know the answer to that yet, but she might find it out if someone helped her. Evan agrees to help.

The next scene shows Owen and Griffin locked in the basement. Well, it didn't really, but I assume that's where they are since neither one appears in this episode at all.

Charlie and Kirsten are lying in bed discussing slipknots, and whether that was the greatest sex they've ever had. This is just TOO MUCH INFORMATION for me! I don't want to picture those two naked!

Bailey is sitting there thinking. You can tell this because his mouth is open and he's clicking a pen. Except his mouth is always open. Sarah walks in and Bailey starts to initiate a conversation but she's having none of it. She starts in on how the funniest things can make you horny, and how someone said "checkup" and it made her think of hospital gowns with the opening in the back, and that made her think of Bailey's butt, and now I feel sick to my stomach. She orders Bailey to strip, and he does. I appreciate that the writers want to show that women can have healthy sexual appetites, but this whole show was a little over-the-top for me. I don't want to think about or hear about any Salinger having sex ever again.

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