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Julia and Justin are walking down the street, holding hands. Justin notes that it's weird that they were apart for so long and now they're back together. Julia think it's weird as well. Justin says it feels good and right to him. Julia asks if it bothers him how easy it all was, and that she just saw him and fell into bed with him. Obviously, Julia can't just let Justin have a minute of peace. First, she was begging him to leave his wife for her, and now that he has, she can't let him just enjoy that either. Justin says it doesn't bother him. Julia thinks they should have talked about the last few months and about Laura. Justin says they talked all night. Julia says they talked about his side, but not hers. Justin put her "through hell" by asking what she thought about his marriage, and then when she was honest with him, he went ahead and got married anyway, and then asked her to break up his wedding. She feels like she's being weak. Justin admits that he was wrong, but that he was confused and made a mistake, and he wonders where all of this is coming from because she seemed to be ready to let all this go. Julia thinks they are just jumping into bed together because they are both on the rebound. Is Julia ever not on the rebound? She's always just ending one relationship and starting a new one. Justin points out that they talked about it and they want to be together. Julia asks if they want to be or need to be. Justin doesn't know why it matters, and why they have to pick everything apart, because she sounds like she's trying to talk herself out of it. Julia says it's better to talk herself out of it than talk herself into it. That reminds me of a mug my friend's dad had that said, "It's better to be pissed off than pissed on."

Bailey comes downstairs where Will is shackled to the wall. No signs of Owen. Bailey says Holly told him Will hasn't been by the apartment all day. Will knows that, but his stuff is all over there, so if the agent stops by, Holly can just say he's at a friend's house, then call him and he'll hop a cab over there. Bailey says it won't work. Will reminds him that he doesn't want to be there. Bailey can't let it go, so he says it doesn't make any sense because Will's his best friend and Holly is nuts about Will also. Will tells Bailey to stop, and then says he tried so hard to stop it from happening, and tried not to feel it, and then he tried not to move in. He was trying not to be where he'd have to be tempted. Bailey's all, "What are you...?" Will continues, saying that it happens sometimes when you spend time with someone. Bailey still hasn't caught on. Will says he would have ignored it, and let it "wear off," but Bailey kept pushing them together. I thought Bailey was going to misunderstand and think that something really did happen between Will and Holly, instead of it all being one-sided. Bailey finally catches on, and says, "Wait a minute, you're not saying... cooooome oooooon" and practically starts crying. I don't see what the big deal is for Bailey. Shouldn't he be kind of flattered that Will thinks his girlfriend is a hottie? Will says he knows it's messed up and that he didn't want it to happen. Bailey yells, "But it did happen, didn't it?" Will yells back that he can't control it. Bailey says he can, and that he shouldn't even think about that, shouldn't even consider it. Kind of like Bailey shouldn't even think about drinking? Will points out that his job was to "study this woman like homework." Bailey tells him he should have found a way if he wanted to be a good friend, and leaves.

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