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Bailey comes into Will's office, and Will gets off the phone. Then they just stare at each other for like ten minutes, when clearly it is Bailey who should be initiating this conversation. It's like when people call you on the phone and then sit there and wait for you to start talking. They called you! The conversational burden is on them. Anyway, Bailey finally starts talking, by informing Will that Holly said he didn't come home last night. Like Will doesn't know if he came home or not. Will says that, all things considered, he thought it best to stay with his parents, and he feels terrible for lying, for telling Bailey, and for having the feelings in the first place. Bailey says he doesn't have to explain. Bailey understands, because he's crazy about Holly, so why wouldn't someone else be? You see? That's what I'm saying. Will wants to know if Bailey is mad, and Bailey says he isn't. Will asks if Bailey told Holly, and Bailey didn't. Will says he'll tell her then. Bailey wants to know why he should. Will thinks Holly might want to know why he suddenly isn't living with her anymore. Bailey says he is still going to live with her. Will doesn't get it. Bailey explains that Will is married to Holly, and that's how it works. Will tries to protest, but Bailey says he trusts him. Will tries pointing out that living with Holly is really painful for him, but Bailey is having none of it. If the INS finds out that Holly lied, she'll be deported and Will goes to jail. Will thinks there must be a way out, given the circumstances. What, because he has a little crush on Holly? Bailey says they just have to learn to live with it.

Julia comes over to Justin's house, carrying a bag. She was at the grocery store, and she wanted something "dessert-y," so she bought a container of "Triple Fudge Chunk," which she pulls out of the bag. She was standing in line and feeling guilty, and she couldn't figure out why. It's yogurt, so it's got calcium and protein, and it's practically fat-free, so why did she feel guilty? Then she figured out it was because she wanted it. She feels like giving in to something she wants makes her weak. But after thinking about it, she realized that it might be the opposite, that going after what she wants makes her strong. Justin starts kissing her, because he realizes this means he's going to get some nookie. Julia asks if he still has a television in his bedroom, because there's a "stupid game show" on. Justin says he'll get some spoons, but Julia says she already has some. He starts tickling her and then chases her up the stairs and suddenly Justin lives in a church because there are huge stained-glass windows on the stairway. Anyway, only two episodes left!

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