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The reporter, whose name is Phoebe, is sitting on the Salinger's living room couch with Julia. She's played by Kimberly McCullough, who you may know as Robin from General Hospital or Eli's girlfriend on Once and Again. I haven't seen her on Once and Again, but I did watch her for years on GH, and boy has little Robin Scorpio grown up. Well, sort of. I mean, she's older and all, but she's got a really annoying Punky Brewster type hairstyle. Because she works on the web, she's hip, trendy and unprofessional. Anyway, in the fine Tori Spelling tradition of tertiary character praise, she says she wants to get the gushy part out of the way first. Phoebe tells Julia that if she had half the strength of Julia, she never would have let her boyfriend Henry get away with sleeping with her roommate and then blaming it on Phoebe. She admits that she hopes a little bit of it rubs off on her so she can go home and "kick his two-timing butt." Julia wants to make sure all the men reading the article are blinded by her beauty, so she asks about the photographer Phoebe mentioned. Phoebe's all, "Oh, yeah!" and pulls out a disposable camera to take a picture. Did I mention that she's unprofessional? It must be because she writes for a webzine instead of a "real" magazine. Anyway, Phoebe tells Julia to smile "like the hero she is," and Julia gives her a weak smile with eyebrows drawn together for that extra-special slightly constipated look that is all the rage in Milan this year. Phoebe starts off the interview by saying she already knows all about Ned, but she wonders what Julia is like now. Is she stronger, or does she still have "doormat moments," like Phoebe does with Henry. Because it's really professional to make the interview all about you. Julia starts to answer, and the doorbell rings. Julia excuses herself and opens the door to find Justin. Apparently, Julia's vibes don't work across international borders, but they do work across state lines, because Justin announces that he broke up with Laura. Did they ever get married? Justin explains that he came home to talk to his parents, and also to see Julia. There was an inexplicable force pulling him back to San Francisco, and driving him to her house, and telling him that Julia is the greatest woman in the world, and Laura is a big loser, and he should drop everything in his life and worship Julia, Julia, Julia. Well, he didn't quite say that, but he might as well have. Justin wonders what Julia thinks about getting back together, but before he can finish the sentence, Julia slams the door in his face. She turns around to find Phoebe totally eavesdropping, because in case you didn't get it, she's unprofessional. Phoebe continues the tertiary character praise by saying that Julia is really good.

Kirsten and Daphne and her posse are sitting around a table at the club, watching their friend Tai hit on some guy. Kirsten acts like she's never been in a club before, and asks how Tai will hit on the guy -- will she ask for his phone number or what? Tai leans over and just starts making out with the guy, and Kirsten is shocked that Tai didn't wait for the guy to make the first move. Daphne says, "That's our Tai! The original feminist" sarcastically. Kirsten can't believe how... and the girls take turn finishing the sentence with words like crazy, slutty and burnt out, but Kirsten says she meant free. Daphne says Kirsten is all whacked out on club soda. I think she's delirious from not eating in like a week. Kirsten offers up stripping as the perfect example of how free they all are. Kirsten wouldn't do it herself, of course, but not because she thinks it's wrong. It's because she's afraid. Daphne says that sometimes fear is a healthy emotion. Kirsten thinks that if she's afraid, then she isn't really free. And everybody wants to be closer to free. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Dusty asks if Kirsten feels a need to get naked in front of other people. Kirsten asks why not, and says that if the only reason she isn't doing it is because of what other people might think, then she's just like everyone else who follows the rules by getting married and having kids and never does anything out of line their whole life. Then she takes a sip of her club soda and thinks about having a snack consisting of one apple slice and a saltine.

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