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Claudia is working on a laptop that I hope is Julia's, because I refuse to believe that this allegedly poverty-stricken family can afford multiple laptops. Todd knocks on the door and then covers his eyes, saying that Victor told him to come right up, and asks if she's decent, while adding, "I hope not." Todd is starting to bug me. All he does lately is gaze at Claudia with this zombie-like grin on his face. I think he's stoned all the time. Anyway, Claudia wonders what he's doing there, and Todd says he knows she has work to do, but he wanted to come and offer a study break. Claudia asks if he ever has homework, but Todd claims he already did it, and he missed her. He asks for thirty minutes so that he can take her out for ice cream. Claudia looks tempted, but says she has to rewrite her paper. Todd looks at the computer and says that the paper is already finished. Didn't she just say she needs to RE-write it? That means it was already written once. Claudia acts all nervous and says that she isn't finished yet, and closes the laptop so that he can't read any more. Todd tells her she is unbelievable. It's about time someone besides Julia got some tertiary character praise. She's smart and talented and beautiful, and he doesn't know what she's doing with him. This praise convinces Claudia that she has time for a study break after all, and they leave.

Kirsten is looking in the mirror, brushing the one strand of hair she has left. Charlie tells her that the "program" tonight is that she will entertain Martine while he works on Chuck. Kirsten warns him that she might nod off when Marine starts talking about gardening. Charlie tells her she "loves that stuff" and reminds her that Martine convinced her to get that "hydrogen plant" that she "killed." Kirsten corrects him, saying it was a "hydrangea" that she "dried," but then interrupts herself to say that her point is that maybe they should do something more exciting than go to a restaurant all the time. Daphne and her friends are going to some "crazy rock opera theater." Like Hair? Or Tommy? Do people actually still put on rock operas? Anyway, Charlie thinks she must be kidding, because Chuck and Martine are not the rock theater types. Kirsten points out that they could be dreading the dinner too. Charlie is still skeptical. Kirsten says that he would be surprised by what people want to do. Charlie says that some other night they can go out and get crazy, but Kirsten doesn't think it will ever happen. Maybe Kirsten should start finding ways to be happy on her own, instead of doing what she has done in the past few episodes, which include begging Charlie to work less often, and then stressing out over possible harm to her unborn child. I think Kirsten needs a hobby. Not stripping.

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