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Julia comes running down the stairs at Casa Salinger when the doorbell rings. She opens the door to find annoying Phoebe, who wonders if she got the time wrong. Julia doesn't know what time it is, and Phoebe tells her it's 8:30. Julia can't believe it's 8:30 already. Phoebe's deadline is the next day, but she offers to come back the next morning because it looks like she just woke Julia up. Julia looks perfectly composed, but it's supposed to be a hint that Julia has been spending time in bed, and not alone, if you catch my drift. And I think you do. They start to make plans for the next morning, and Justin walks out in the hallway to ask if Julia wants some more of that leftover Thai food. Phoebe gives Julia a look like, "No more tertiary character praise for you." Julia tells her to wait, but Phoebe bails. Run, Phoebe, run! Back to Once and Again.

Will, Meredith, Holly and Bailey are at Salinger's. Holly is talking about Who Wants to Marry A Multi-Millionaire, like nice timely pop culture reference. Not. Anyway, Holly is all against it, saying that it's unreasonable and the women were parading around like beauty contestants. Bailey says that people meet in weird ways all the time, like at bars or parties, or blind dates. He remembers that Will and Meredith met on a blind date, and they are still together. Will and Meredith are silent. Bailey's all, "Right?" because he has to make an uncomfortable moment even worse. Meredith finally says that they are not still together, and then asks Will if he told them they were. Will says he didn't, and that Bailey and Holly wanted to see Meredith, so he set it up. Meredith apologizes, but Bailey kept saying "you guys," as if she and Will were still together. Then she apologizes for bringing the conversation to an uncomfortable halt, and then excuses herself to use the ladies' room. Bailey and Holly take this opportunity to grill Will about how long it's been since they broke up, and why didn't he tell them, since they are the centers of the universe. Will says it's been about a week. Bailey claims that Will could have turned them down if it was going to be uncomfortable for him, like Will didn't try to do that fifty ways from Sunday. Bailey says he didn't want Will to be uncomfortable. Will's all, "Oh, you don't?" Bailey wonders what that's supposed to mean. Will says he doesn't belong there, and he married Holly so that Bailey and Holly could stay together. Why don't you yell it out in the middle of a crowded restaurant, Will? Oh wait, he just did. Will says that Bailey and Holly are working so hard to make him comfortable, but he's not, and the only thing worse than being in his position is pretending that he's not. Will says he's going to find Meredith and take her home, but they should stay and do whatever they want, since that's what they always do. Sars breathes a sigh of relief that Will didn't use the phrase "third wheel."

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Party of Five




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