Party of Five
The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

Charlie is holding Diana and talking on the phone. He yells to Kirsten to take Diana. There's a knock at the door. It's Daphne and Luke, and Daphne takes Diana. Kirsten is on her way out the door, but she says that Diana was a dream, except for the trouble with her nap schedule. Luke asks if she sang "Amazing Grace" because that usually knocks her right out. Kirsten says she wishes she knew that before. Charlie hands them the diaper bag, but he "can't find Pooh" and goes to look for it. Kirsten runs out the door. Daphne hands Diana to Luke and follows Charlie into another room to talk to him. She tells him that Luke has been transferred to Texas. Charlie says he's sorry. Daphne says that Luke's family welcomed her (and then she finds Pooh), and that Luke asked her to live in Texas with him. Charlie asks what that means for Diana since Texas is pretty far away. Daphne says Diana could come with her. Charlie stares at Daphne real hard.

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Party of Five




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