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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

Charlie, Kirsten, Daphne and Luke are eating dinner. Charlie thanks Daphne for bringing food. Kirsten goes on and on about how good the food is, while waving it around in her hand, but not ever actually letting it touch her lips. Could we drop this charade already? Daphne says she's sorry about dumping childcare on them for three days while she and Luke go to Texas to see his family. Kirsten actually brings the food towards her mouth, turns it about ten different ways and then puts it up to her mouth and pretends to take a bite, but when she brings the food away, nothing is missing. I can understand not wanting to talk with your mouth full, but Daphne is doing it, so it's not like the director forbid it. Heck, Luke is shoveling it in. Kirsten and Charlie argue over who can watch Diana the next morning. Daphne offers to postpone her trip for a day to help out. Kirsten offers to go into work at 5 AM to solve the problem, but then looks very unhappy after everyone agrees to her solution.

Julia and Adam are walking down the street looking for a place to eat dinner. Julia says she feels left behind because everyone she knows is getting married, or has kids, and seems to have a plan, except her. For example, Justin is getting married. Adam asks how Justin rates "on the friendship scale," and then defines the scale as a ten being "who you'd want to be trapped with on a desert island" to a one being someone who you'd "watch drown when the ship goes down." Julia says she doesn't rate people. Adam says that everyone does, and then asks her to rate him. Okay, I need to take a moment to tell you all that this is exactly how I ended up telling my boyfriend that I was interested in him, lame as that sounds. I had him rate a bunch of people in terms of attractiveness, and then I said my own name. As stupid as it sounds, it actually worked. Now, the Party of Five writers are invading my brain. I would call this a shout-out, but it's just too scary. Back on the show, Julia says that "fifteen seconds ago" she would've given Adam an eight or a seven point five with "serious upside potential," but after his "infantile game," she doesn't know. She says all this in a joking manner. They have stopped outside a hotel, and Adam says they can get "free food" as he points to a sign announcing someone's bar mitzvah. They are soon in a hotel ballroom, eating, and Adam is wearing a yarmulke. Julia says the "blintzes are amazing," which means that Adam's rating has just shot up to a nine, as people dance the horah behind them. Julia suddenly wants to dance, and they join in the horah. Once it's over, a slow song starts and they start to dance. God, could this be more of a cliché? I know you know what happens next -- Adam smells Julia's hair and is overcome.

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