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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

Bailey is looking over the receipts after the restaurant is closed. Joe says that he can sell his condo to raise the cash to pay Bailey back. Bailey tells him not to do anything stupid, and that Joe will ultimately pay them back, but for now Bailey has enough in his personal account to cover the shortfall. Joe says, "Your own money?" Bailey says he doesn't have a choice because his family needs the restaurant. Then Bailey tells Joe to go home, so Joe walks out. As soon as he's gone, Bailey goes behind the bar and gets himself a beer, promptly drains half of it, and then refills it. Joe walks back in and asks what Bailey is doing. Bailey says it's "just a beer." Joe says he's "not in a position to judge." Bailey says he's been sober for "more than two years now," and he's been having a beer or two for two weeks and it's fine because that's all he wants. Joe doesn't look fooled, but doesn't say anything. Bailey throws Joe the keys for which he had come back, and Joe leaves.

Charlie talks to Gus. Charlie says he just signed for a shipment of wood, and that it was supposed to be oak, but it's pine. Gus says he changed the order because pine is cheaper. Charlie says oak is stronger, it won't dent or scuff, and most importantly, oak is what the customers ordered. Can you imagine a more boring storyline? Next week on Party of Five: Charlie and Gus debate the pros and cons of hickory versus maple in dining room tables. Tune in for a rollicking discussion of the best joint glue for cabinets. Jesus. Anyway, Gus says they have to watch their costs. Charlie says the furniture has to "appeal to a high-end buyer" or they can't get the margins they need. Gus repeats that they will if they watch their costs. Charlie says they have to be able to sell to people who don't mind spending money for something...Gus interrupts to say "Better? Better than the stuff I've been making?" Then he tells Charlie that someday he will have his own business and realize that he doesn't know half of what he thinks he does. Charlie says he doesn't want to lose the orders. Gus says they'll do things the way they always have. Oh, how I love a battle between the stodgy conservative and the young upstart. It's just a timeless storyline. That is, if "timeless" means "done a thousand times and now it's just boring."

Bailey is giving some couple in the restaurant their check, when Joe comes up and tells him that "one of [his] girlfriends" came in, and she's sitting at the bar. Bailey walks over to see who it is, and of course it's Evvie, holding a huge margarita or some such beverage. Bailey doesn't remember her at first, or pretends not to remember her, but then realizes who she is. She tells him she got a "vibe" from him at the party and asked around to find out where he works. This girl is such a stalker. First she was watching his every move at the party and now she is just showing up uninvited at his workplace. Stalker! Bailey says, "What vibe?" and Evvie replies that Bailey might not be "as hardcore as those freaks" and that he "still likes to have a good time." Bailey says he's not sure they should be having this conversation. Evvie says, "Don't you go Stepford on me." Okay, seriously, if she hates AA so much, she doesn't have to be in it. It's not like a gym membership -- you can cancel at any time. Bailey tells her she should talk to her sponsor and Evvie says she would "rather be sober the rest of her life than talk to her." Okay, I have consulted with someone in AA (but I can't tell you who because that second A stands for Anonymous) and confirmed that you do in fact get to pick your own sponsor. In fact, you have to ask someone have to be your sponsor. And you can change sponsors if there is a problem. So I don't get what Evvie is talking about, and I'm disappointed because this show has generally been pretty good about realistic depictions of what AA is all about. Although my consultant also tells me that it goes against AA guidelines to talk about it on television anyway. Bailey says he can't help her. Evvie asks him to be her sponsor because he's "been sober a long time," so she clearly doesn't know that "a long time" in Bailey's case means "less than twenty-four hours." She also says she can relate to him. Bailey says no, and Evvie thinks it's because the "opposite-sex sponsor thing" isn't "kosher." Bailey snaps at her that he just can't, then softens and apologizes, but still says he can't. He tells her she can call him if she has a tough night, but Evvie leaves.

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