Party of Five
The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

Julia knocks on Adam's door and when he answers tells him that she didn't know if he would be home since she left a bunch of messages and he didn't return her calls. Julia couldn't possibly fathom that someone didn't want to spend every waking minute with her, I guess. Adam says that he was just going to the library, trying to give Julia the old brush-off, but she's having none of it and barges right into his apartment without being invited. She points out that he cancelled their breakfast plans and blew off working on his applications with her. Adam says that he was busy. Julia says she knows what he's doing and brings up "the flowers and the music and the shirt" and then says that Adam is "great and fun and funny and smart and a really great friend," but that there are "all kinds of reasons why [she] can't let it turn into anything more." Julia acknowledges that she has "bad boyfriend habits" and that she jumps around too quickly, and that she's afraid if things go badly, she'll lose him, and then she says really, really fast, "I don't want to take that risk," and I had to rewind it four times just to figure out what she said. Adam says she's funny and walks away. Julia is all "What? Explain yourself." Adam says that he was thinking about it, with an emphasis on the "was," especially after the dancing, and it made him wonder if there was more, but then he realized that things are much better platonic. Julia asks why, then, he was avoiding her. Adam says, "Did it never occur to you that I might have something besides you to think about? Some good reason not to call you back right away? Here's a concept for you: Not every boy wants to marry you." Go, Adam! Go, Adam! It's your birthday! Oh wait, do you think he was lying to cover up his feelings? I don't care. The look on Julia's face just made my night, when she realized that she is not the Center of the Universe. Anyway, she starts laughing and says she feels foolish, and apologizes. Adam kind of ruins it by saying, "With most guys, you'd probably be right. Just not me."

Charlie goes to see Gus again. Brace yourself for some scintillating discourse on the advantages of steel nails over aluminum nails. Charlie says he's made some calls and that "half our buyers said they would pull their orders if we switched to pine." Gus says to give it a rest and Charlie says he'll fight him on this. Gus says that Charlie will have a tough time fighting him when he's in Tahiti. Charlie is confused. Gus says some guys came to him with a problem, and he gave them an answer, and then they said, "Where's Charlie?" Then Gus went out and took a look at Charlie's "beautiful furniture," and realized that people will think that Gus made it happen, and that "the best thing [he] can do is get out of the way." Charlie asks if Gus is leaving. Isn't that what he just said? Gus says he'll still be around. Charlie protests that the business needs him. Gus says it's Charlie's business. Charlie feels he isn't ready. Gus says he is ready, and Gus trusts him. Charlie says this is not why he came in there, and Gus replies with the wisdom of the ages, "Maybe it is." So now Gus is just going to hand over the keys to the factory because he recognizes Charlie's superior Salinger intellect? I got two words for you: What. Ever.

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