Party of Five
The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

Bailey comes home and sees Joe talking to Julia and Claudia, and the mood is pretty somber. Julia asks where Bailey has been, and says she left him a bunch of messages at work. What is with Julia and leaving bunches of messages? She must be really annoying to have as a friend, if she calls you every five minutes and leaves a message saying, "Are you there? Call me!" Joe says he told them what's going on, and Bailey thinks he's talking about his drinking. Claudia asks how Bailey could keep this from them. Bailey says it's "nobody's business." Claudia says it's their restaurant too, and Bailey realizes that Joe told them about the missing money. Joe says he had to get it off his chest. Bailey says, "Good for you," and starts to escape up the stairs. Julia says they have to talk about it, but Bailey claims he's already taken care of it. Claudia asks him if he's just going to write a check from his own account and forget it. Bailey adopts a posture that says, "Why don't you get off my stinkin' back?" and says that Joe will pay him back and it'll be done. Julia yells that this isn't all that's wrong, and that business is down and they need the money. Claudia says Bailey has been saying the same thing for months: "Just sit tight, be patient, it'll all come back." Julia points out that it hasn't come back, and asks, "Where are you getting this weird denial thing?" Bailey denies he's in denial. Julia tells him they've set up a meeting with "Alex." Bailey is mad that they "called [his] accountant." Claudia says that the whole family needs to sit down with the books. Bailey says, "None of you have any right to judge me," and accusingly points his finger at them. Julia says that they're not blaming him, but it's hard when he won't tell them the truth. Bailey says he doesn't need to hear it and runs up the stairs. I love how no one else in the family wants to help out with the restaurant until their precious payday is in jeopardy. I'm not saying Bailey was right to get so fired up, but God forbid Claudia and Julia volunteer to waitress or something to help keep costs down, and actually work for their money.

Kirsten and Charlie are sitting on their bed with candles burning. Kirsten says it "sounds like champagne is in order," but I don't think she should be drinking on an empty stomach. Then she asks Charlie was that look on his face means. Charlie says he hasn't said yes to taking over the factory yet. Kirsten asks why not. Charlie says that all the decisions will be up to him. Unlike when he was running Salinger's, and all the decisions were up to him. Oh wait, it would be exactly like that, but the writers seem to have conveniently forgotten that bit of Salinger history. Kirsten says that just means no one can stop him from doing the right thing. Charlie says that sometimes he's wrong. Wait, did he just admit that he's not perfect? I'm sure Kirsten will correct him. Charlie adds that the factory could still go under. Kirsten points out that he will have design freedom. Charlie says he'll be three times as busy, and that he won't see Kirsten, and he won't be able to help with Diana. Kirsten asks if he wants her to tell him not to do it. Charlie says it means that she'll have to be the one to make a concession, and if she's not "willing to make room in [her] work for Diana," then he will say no. Kirsten says he should do it, and Charlie thanks her and gives her a kiss. Aren't these the same people who were trying really hard to have a child of their own, who they wouldn't be able to pass off to Daphne when it got inconvenient? Just checking.

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