Party of Five
The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

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The Declaration Of Co-Dependence

Julia, who in the previous scene was all pissed off, is running through a park with giddy excitement. She runs up to Adam and tells him that she heard from a friend in Admissions that he passed his GED and that the Dean loved his essays, so his chances at getting in look good. Adam has no reaction. Julia asks, "Is that not great?" Adam says it is, but he's still not very excited. Julia insists he be happier, like that's going to work. I guess Julia think, as Queen of the World, she can command someone to feel a certain way and just make it so. She points out that Adam worked really hard on his applications and now he's gonna get in, and she hugs him and starts kissing him on the cheeks, which is really inappropriate to do to someone whom you gave the "I just want to be friends speech" a day earlier. He sharply tells her to stop, and asks what was up with the hugging and kissing, and says she can't do that. Julia asks why not. Adam kills me when he says he lied and he wants to kiss her, and that he knows she doesn't think it's a good idea, but wonders if they could try, because it could be great, and turn out not to be a mistake. Julia says she doesn't know, but he suddenly grabs her and kisses her. They break apart and he says it sucked. I hate when television shows make it out like you can tell if you are meant to spend the rest of your life with someone by how well your first kiss goes. In my experience, first kisses are usually pretty damn awkward regardless of your compatibility. Anyway, Adam says he's glad they tried it because it was bad and now it's behind them and they never have to go there again. Julia says okay. Adam repeats, "Never again."

Claudia tells Alex the accountant that Bailey will be there soon. Alex offers to re-schedule. Charlie wants to get started because he's got "meetings on meetings," whatever that means. Julia suggests they start without Bailey and Alex passes out some papers.

Bailey is standing outside an AA meeting. You can tell by all the people drinking coffee out of Styrofoam cups and smoking by the door. Evvie pulls in and says she's been calling Bailey all day. What, did she take phone etiquette lessons from Julia? Bailey says he's been dealing with "family stuff." Evvie asks him to come into the meeting. Bailey says he can't, but he just stopped by to say hi. Evvie tells him to forget the meeting, and that she'll "catch the next one." Bailey says she should go, and that they can do something afterwards. Evvie kisses him and then apologizes, but she "had to do that." She tells Bailey that he's "so sweet" and wonders what happens now. Bailey says she should go to the meeting. Evvie says, "Stop being such a good influence on me!" and kisses him again. Then she says, "Let's go to my house -- we'll watch Leaving Las Vegas. It'll be just like a meeting, but much more fun." Boy, some of Julia's "everyone falls in love with me" vibe must have rubbed off on Bailey.

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Party of Five




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