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The Shortest Distance

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The Shortest Distance

Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano are making out in the boiler room. Oops, it's really Claudia and Cameron in the Biology storage room. My bad. Claudia says it's too creepy and Cameron thinks she's referring to the jars of frogs around them. That would be creepy. Claudia says she means sneaking around. Cameron says that he broke up with Alexa so he's not going behind her back. Claudia says that she is. Cameron tells her that she has three choices. The first is to stop seeing each other. Claudia panics a little and asks what the other options are. Cameron says the second is to tell Alexa. Claudia says they can't because she would hate them both. The third option is to continue "flying under the radar," and Cameron adds that there must be fifty guys in line to ask Alexa out, so she'll move on soon. The bell rings and Cameron says he'll see her fifth period, and leaves. Claudia looks at a frog in a jar and says, "What are you looking at?" You know, I would care more about this storyline if there had been any build-up at all. As it is, I don't get the big attraction between these two.

Speaking of no attraction between two people, Evan is walking through the offices of Stilman Press, talking to some woman. Julia approaches them with "Chapter seven, hot off the presses." Evan says she could have faxed it over or given it to him at the conference that night. Julia says she was in the neighborhood and adds, "Hey, you shaved". Hey, he did! I think that Kyle Secor is a cutie and I wish he had a real storyline. ["Word." -- Wing Chun] Evan says he shaved for the panel he's going to be on, and introduces her to the woman standing there, his new marketing director. Julia hems and haws until the marketing director catches the clue train and leaves. Julia says she wants to be sure things are okay between them since they kissed at the hospital. Evan says, "It's ancient history. I haven't given it a second thought." Julia looks upset at this news and Evan tries to get back to business. Julia interrupts to say that she's glad he's not upset but she thought there was something between them since he did kiss her back, and is she off-base? Evan says that he's her editor and she should try to think about the situation. He can choose to publish her or not, so he has all the power in the relationship and it's against all the rules. Julia says she understands but he didn't answer her question. Evan says he did. I swear, these two take twenty minutes to say what I just said in about two minutes. Plus, Neve Campbell says ten sentences in one breath, which might explain why she has those weird pauses in the middle of her sentences. She's trying to find time to breathe.

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Party of Five




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