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The Shortest Distance

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The Shortest Distance

Evan tells Julia to warn him next time she plans on hijacking a panel and then yells at her for not letting him do the marketing presentation he worked so hard on. Julia says she knows that he has helped a lot in the writing of this book, but she has let him tell her how to write it. Evan says she asked him to be her editor. Julia says she knows, and she blames herself for letting him do that .She's been looking for someone to tell her what the book should sound like and now she knows that it should sound like her. So, now she's taking control of the book. Lord help us all.

Charlie comes home at midnight. Kirsten starts to get undressed so that they can have sex RIGHT NOW! Charlie says that he just can't do it tonight. They argue about it. Charlie says he left work and realized that he'd rather make another end table than make love to his wife, and he thought making a baby was supposed to be fun, and that he shouldn't be wondering why they are doing it. I'm wondering why they can't be happy with the two (and three if you count Claudia) children they already have to love. ["Yeah, I kind of thought that's what Daphne was getting at when she was asking about the pregnancy attempts." -- Wing Chun]

Back at the motel, Bailey tells the guys that he's found the part and they should be back on the road by noon. Griffin says that he and Will are going to catch a bus back home, because this trip isn't what it was supposed to be. Bailey says that Will told him to take risks, and now that Bailey is, Will is bailing on him. Will says that Bailey is not taking risks -- he's trying to hold on and he's scared to let anything change. Hey, good point! Bailey wonders why he's taking relationship advice from these two. Griffin let Julia go to Stanford and "tanked his marriage" and the longest relationship Will has had was "a month, maybe two. Or you just get 'em pregnant and dump 'em on somebody else." Ooh. Low blow. Will turns into a guest on Ricki Lake circa 1997 and tells Bailey, "I can't believe you would go there." Bailey says he doesn't quit on his girlfriend and he doesn't quit on his friends. Will says he's not quitting on Bailey -- he took a week off of work to drive across country. Bailey says, "I'm going to make sure Sarah know I'm still here. I'm going to make sure she can't walk away." Will says, "Look around you! She already has."

There's a knock on Julia's hotel room door. Oh, you just knew it was going to be Evan and he's all making out with her. Thankfully, they cut away pretty quickly. ["Not quickly enough for me, dude." -- Wing Chun]

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