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The Shortest Distance

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The Shortest Distance

Bailey's sitting in a diner, looking at a map. Will and Griffin come in and announce that they've changed their minds and they want to keep going. Bailey says that they have eight or nine more states to go and they've only been through three and already they have problems. Then he looks at the map and says in a very sad voice, "Sarah is so far away. She's so far away." Aw, poor Bailey.

Victor is bringing groceries up to the house, and Daphne is waiting for him on the steps. She asks him to watch Diana so that she can go find a job. Victor says that Bailey has him on call 24/7, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. Daphne says that if he's working so much, maybe she could stay at his empty place and sublet her own place to make some extra money. I don't know why she can't move back into Casa de Salinger. Everyone else has. Victor says he thought that Charlie was helping her out and Daphne says that Charlie has his own family now and she's got to stop leaning on people. Except for Victor. Victor hands over his keys.

Cameron asks Claudia if she is breaking up with him. She says she is because she "can't do something that makes me feel so bad about myself" so she's going to pull a Kelly Taylor and "choose me."

Charlie walks into a doctor's office and tells the receptionist he has a "date with the hamster." Huh? I don't think the sperm donation clinic is the place for jokes about wanking. Or maybe it's the best place for jokes about wanking. I can't decide. Anyway, he gets the necessary instructions and heads to his little room. Someone barges in, which would be nerve-wracking to say the least, but it's Kirsten with candles and music and lingerie. They start to dance and kiss and Kirsten says, "You were wondering why? This is why."

Evan looks out the window in his hotel room and Julia asks him if he's okay. We pan over to her and she's lying in bed with strategically tucked blankets. Evan asks if they made a mistake. Julia says she doesn't know, but she feels good. Evan keeps analyzing it, but then Julia asks him how he feels. He says he feels good too and they make out some more. Except Julia would definitely have morning breath and that is just gross.

Bailey is signing off on a UPS truck, so we can surmise that he decided to ship Sarah's stuff to her after all. He gets in the truck, looks at the guys and says, "Let's go home." That was actually a nice, understated scene. Sometimes this show has far too much dialogue. Maybe I'm just saying that because I have to write so much of it down to do these recaps.

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