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Ties That Bind

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Ties That Bind

Previously on Party of Five: Bailey meets Holly, a British chick who was just in the neighborhood. Bailey gets punched out by his married lover's husband while on a date with Holly. Holly tells Bailey that he is just a kid, so she doesn't want to date him anymore. Griffin and Daphne get in a motorcycle accident. The Salingers agree to pay for his hospitalization, because he doesn't have insurance. Charlie says that the thing that matters most to him is making a baby, even though he just did it two seasons ago.

The whole family (minus Owen, of course) is gathered at the table, and Julia says she "put some numbers together" to allow them to figure out how they are going to pay for Griffin's medical expenses. Bailey is helping Will move into the basement (a.k.a. Owen's dungeon). Bailey asks how Griffin is doing, for those of us who didn't catch last week's episode. Julia informs him that Griffin's head is fine, and that they removed his chest tube, but they still don't know if he will regain function in his hand. Everyone is shocked at how much the medical expenses cost, particularly Claudia. Maybe she should have thought of that before committing her family to pay for everything. Julia has figured out how much money they each get from their share of the restaurant, and that if they each give up a third of their income, they can pay off the hospital bill in fifteen months. Charlie notes that the restaurant income is down, and Bailey says, kind of defensively, that it's because of the holidays. It couldn't be because Bailey, who has been portrayed as some sort of food service wunderkind, has spent a total of ten hours at Salinger's in the past few weeks, and that four of those hours were spent on dates, now could it? Charlie and Kirsten appear uncomfortable at the prospect of giving up a third of their restaurant income. Julia offers to pay everyone back for their shares later, but everyone refuses. Bailey suggests putting off some needed home repairs to save money. Kirsten suggests postponing "this thing Charlie and I have been working on." Charlie quickly jumps in to say that, instead, he can rotate the tires on his truck instead of replacing them. Bailey says that he has some savings bonds, and Claudia says she has her college money. You'd think someone would suggest that Julia use her book advance money, or get a real job, or that Claudia work at the mall like every other sixteen-year-old in the world. Julia says that she doesn't want any family members dipping into their savings accounts, and that she feels terrible about the whole thing. Bailey says that Griffin is their friend, too. Kirsten says, "Thirty percent off our monthly budget -- how hard can that be?" Last time I checked a third was thirty-three and a third percent, not to pick nits or anything. Regardless, I am glad that the writers illustrated where the family's money comes from, because I was wondering. And it's all about me. Also, everybody wants to be closer to free.

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