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Ties That Bind

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Ties That Bind

Bailey is having a garage sale to raise money. Holly stops by and asks how much a really gaudy gold frame costs. Bailey tells her it's $75 and asks why Holly is there. She is meeting John, her date from across the street. Holly asks why he's trying to raise money and starts listing off all these luxury items Bailey might want to buy, like a wide-screen TV. You'd think after she put her foot in her mouth at the hospital last week, she'd learn. Bailey tells her he is trying to raise money for a friend's operation. Holly puts the pieces together and feels really dumb. Bailey makes a crack about her "boyfriend." Holly asks why Bailey has to be so angry. Bailey says they liked each other and she threw it away. I know that recap is pretty disjointed, bur frankly, I could not care less about these two, so I'm trying to keep it short.

Claudia walks into a studio, carrying her violin case and wearing a lot more makeup than usual. Ross, her old violin teacher, is in the middle of a lesson with a young girl. He totally blows her off to see Claudia, and they start yapping while the little girl continues to play. Finally the little girl's dad tells them to keep it down. Claudia tells Ross that she wants to come back for lessons. She can't pay him right now, but she will when she gets some work. She pushes Ross to schedule a lesson for that day, and he agrees. Ross asks what the big rush is, and if she should be at school. She tells him she has a free period. Haven't we seen this storyline before?

The doorbell rings at Casa Salinger, and Bailey answers it even though he is wearing a tank top and sweating profusely. It's Holly and she tells him she found a pilot rehabilitation program and she thinks she can get Griffin a spot. Bailey thanks her and asks why she's there since she could've given him the news over the phone; then he tells her he doesn't want to play games. Holly admits that she wanted to see him. Then there's a cutesy scene where Bailey tells her what to say and she says it, but all you really need to know is that she apologizes and they set up a date. Trust me, you don't want to know more than that.

Daphne shows up in Griffin's hospital room with some white lilies. She apologizes that they are the flowers of death, but she got them from Victor's cousin's funeral home, and figured they were better than nothing. Griffin thanks her and Daphne apologizes for her role in the accident. Griffin says that it's not her fault and that she doesn't owe him an explanation. Daphne suggests that when he gets out, they take a trip somewhere together. Griffin mumbles (well, mumbles more than usual) that he doesn't know. Daphne says, not unkindly, that she didn't mean it like that, and that she gets it, and he doesn't owe her anything. Griffin asks her who's paying for his medical bills. Daphne plays dumb (well, dumber than usual) but Griffin asks again and she says she thinks it's the Salingers. Griffin dramatically rips out his IV (ouch!) and prepares to leave the hospital. Daphne yells a lot instead of calling a doctor or doing something else useful. ["God, who did he think was paying for it? Daphne? Victor?" -- Wing Chun]

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Party of Five




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