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Ties That Bind

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Ties That Bind

Griffin attempts to eat a TV dinner, but then he is reduced to tearing off the plastic with his teeth! Oh, the humanity! Julia knocks on the door and demands to be let in. Once inside, she yells at Griffin about leaving the hospital without telling her, and for jeopardizing his recovery. Griffin yells right back at her for not telling him that they were paying his medical bills, and says they should've just sent him to County, where it would have been free. Julia says she didn't want them to mess up his hand. ["Peter Benton walks in and bitch-slaps her." -- Wing Chun] Griffin says it wasn't her decision to make (thank you!) and that now he owes a fortune. Julia says he doesn't owe them anything. They argue about that for a while, then Julia asks him to come back to the hospital so the doctor can check him out. Griffin says that costs too much, and Julia tells him (again!) not to worry about the money. Julia, that didn't work the first hundred times you said it, so I don't think it will work now. Griffin says that he isn't part of their family, and that he will pay the money back.

Claudia is practicing the violin, but she claims that Thurber's snoring is distracting her. Hey, they let Thurber out of the basement! Ross says that she is getting better. Claudia is frustrated that she's not as good as she was before. Ross says that she just started again, and she has to relearn some things, but she has time. Claudia tells him that she signed up for "The Bauer" and Ross is shocked. Apparently "The Bauer" is a serious competition, and it's very soon. Claudia says that they better get back to work, then.

Bailey leads a blindfolded Holly down a concrete hallway, which looks like it's underground. And yet, Bailey is wearing sunglasses. Then he tells her to stay there, and leaves. After a few minutes, he yells to her to remove the blindfold, and it turns out that they are in 3Com Park, and Bailey has set up a picnic for them on the field. I'm going to guess that professional sports teams don't let friends of interns potentially tear up their expensively maintained fields, just so that said friends of interns can get over with their girlfriends. But that's just a guess. Holly is amazed that Bailey could afford to rent the whole stadium. I'm wondering how an English chick knows so much about American football. Bailey reveals that the food came from his restaurant, and that Will hooked him up with the stadium. Then he says, "You're worth it, whatever the cost." Since he just revealed that it was free, that doesn't seem like much of a compliment. Bailey says he doesn't want to waste his chance with her. Holly asks if he is worried about scaring her away and Bailey says that he can't help saying these things. Suddenly, a sprinkler comes on, and instead of running for cover like sensible folk, they just stand there and gaze into each other's eyes. See, they're in love. Bailey does a cheesy English accent and they start slow dancing. Their dancing reveals that there is really only one sprinkler on, and if they moved like ten feet to the left, they wouldn't be getting wet. ["Keith Nelson from Some Kind of Wonderful walks in and kicks Bailey's ass for ripping off his routine." -- Wing Chun]

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Party of Five




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