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Too Close

Is it wrong that I was far more interested in the last five minutes of That 70s Show that I accidentally taped, than I was in this whole episode of Party of Five?

Previously on Party of Five: Julia and Evan did the deed and agreed that their relationship makes them feel good. Claudia told Cameron she couldn't make out with him anymore. Daphne told Charlie she found a job, when clearly she did not. Sarah stayed in New York and Bailey decided to go get her and bring her back, but Will convinced him that, like the Eagles, she was already gone.

Evan and Julia are at Stilman Press. Evan is trying to get some editing done but Julia is pacing back and forth and wishing that everyone would just leave so that they could do it already. No, really, that's pretty much what she says. Evan asks her to come sit by him and do some editing (is that what the kids are calling it these days?). Julia says, "I can't do that because then I'll smell you and you smell really good right now and then I'll realize how long it's been since..." Could the writers try any harder to manufacture chemistry between these two? Evan is probably rethinking the decision to go with the glass walls in his office, and Julia says she's going to close the blinds. Evan tells her not to because it's too obvious. Julia says, "So what?" and thinks they should tell the office about their relationship. Evan says they can't because first everyone in the office will gossip about them, and then everyone in the publishing industry will hear. Soon, when her book comes out, people will think of her as the one who is "shtupping Stilman" instead of as an author in her own right. While Evan gives this speech, he notices the last guy leaving the office, and mentions it to Julia, who practically knocks him over by jumping into his arms and kissing him. And did you know that everybody wants to be closer to free?

Bailey is lounging on the couch, watching television, practically catatonic. Will comes in and asks him if he wants to talk about it. Bailey says he isn't about to just snap out of it, because his girlfriend of four years just left him. Will notes that Bailey actually dumped her. Bailey says that it doesn't matter who made it official, since Sarah is the one who walked away. Will tries to convince Bailey that he is the one who took control and made himself free, and he should be proud of that. Bailey doesn't look too convinced, and continues to stare glumly at the television.

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