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Too Close

Julia knocks on Claudia's bedroom door and enters. Claudia is lying in bed. Julia heard that Claude wasn't feeling well and asks if she needs anything, or wants lunch. Claudia says she isn't hungry and doesn't move. Julia comes and sits on her bed and asks in a very caring way if Claudia was drinking. Claudia says she's just sick. Julia says she'll let Claudia sleep, and to holler if she needs anything. Poor Claude.

Griffin is in his shed (which I still find hilarious every time I type it). Daphne enters and says, "So, you got an eyeful the other night, huh?" Daphne wishes she didn't have to strip and Griffin says she doesn't have to explain. She does anyway, by saying she couldn't find another job and the money is so great, but she's not proud of it. Griffin says the most words I think he has strung together all season: "First of all, I'm the creepy guy that was in there in the first place. Second of all, people do what they gotta do, and who am I to judge? Third, I thought you looked good." Daphne smiles and says, "You did?" Griffin compares her to the other strippers and says, "You owned the stage." Daphne thanks him and kind of checks him out. Yeah, they're definitely hooking up.

Bailey and Will are in an arcade where Will spends more money he doesn't have on a stupid bowling game. Bailey tries to talk to him, and asks him to move into the Salinger house. Will is psyched to move in, and asks if there's room. Bailey says there is, "if you don't mind the basement." Hey, the basement is good enough for Owen and Thurber, and they're family! Bailey says he would like to have a friend around. Will clearly isn't paying any attention to Bailey (as usual) because he starts going on about how now he can go on some wrestling tour. Bailey can't believe Will is leaving town right away, and Will bowls some more.

Julia talks to Evan about the book. Evan asks if he can say something about last night. Julia says that the door is open, so maybe now is not the best time for that. Evan gets on the phone and asks his assistant to make romantic dinner reservations for them. Within moments, the entire office knows about the relationship, and Julia is happy.

As if we hadn't figured it out already, Bailey learns that Tracy is a married woman. Scott Wolf, Scott Speedman, who can tell them apart? Yes, I put that in there just so Wing could make a comment about her lov-ah. ["I can tell them apart. (Thanks, Kim!)" -- Wing Chun]

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