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Too Close

Kirsten is getting an ultrasound at the doctor's office, and the doctor tells her it shows "five follicles, all better than eighteen millimeters." I guess that's good news, because she and Charlie smile. Charlie's beeper goes off and he says it's a 911. Kirsten tells him to go answer it. Meanwhile, she asks the doctor if five is good for her, since normally women produce eight or nine. He tells her that it is definitely good for her, but they may not be able to retrieve all of them. They discuss her hormone treatments and the doctor gives her a shot, and then goes over the details of the retrieval. Charlie comes back and says that one of his students was caught shoplifting, and the store can't get in touch with her mom, and they don't want to call the police. Kirsten tells him he better go. A lot of this episode consists of Charlie telling Kirsten something and then waiting for her permission before moving on.

Charlie is walking out of a store with Myra, the shoplifting student in question. He asks her why she needed a twelve-pack of condoms. In Honesty World, Myra would have answered, "I tried to find the thing that would both guarantee that I'd get caught, and also get me attention, because I think that no one cares about me." In the real world, she answers, "Water balloons." Then she asks Charlie how he could have possibly thought she needed them for sex. Charlie says, "Why not?" She replies that she knows how she comes off and that she's "about as appealing as spinal meningitis." Ha! I mean, she's a cute girl but that's a funny thing to say. Charlie says he's still going to call her mom. Myra says she doesn't care if he does, since her mom doesn't care and she's never home. Charlie asks for her number at work then and they get in his truck.

Claudia and Alexa are in the darkroom. Alexa is sporting the "Chrissy Snow from Three's Company" hairstyle. They are supposed to be developing pictures for their mid-term project. Claudia says she thinks she overexposed them since she nearly "blinded her dog last night". Well, since they keep ol' Thurber locked in the basement, I guess she would have to use a mighty bright flash to get a picture of him. Alexa asks some guy named Derrick if he has finished his project yet and he tells her to shut her yap. Well, not in so many words. Alexa tells Claudia that Derrick's project contains, among other things, eight candid shots of her in orchestra. Is Claudia in orchestra? I mean, I know she dusted off the old fiddle last season to play in Griffin's band, but when did she join orchestra? The writers try a little too hard at teen-speak when Alexa reports that Derrick is "full-on spoony" and suggests that they double date. Claudia notices that Alexa is wearing Cameron's jacket. Alexa says that he left it in her locker along with a long, apologetic letter. Claudia asks if they're back together. Alexa should say, "Well, duh!" but she really says "yes," and then shows Claudia a picture of them kissing that she took "with a timer first period." Claudia looks a little sick.

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