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Too Close

Julia is getting dressed while Evan lies in bed and watches her, and then tells her not to leave yet. Julia says that everyone thinks she's at the library writing. Evan is wearing his socks. I hate that. He pulls Julia onto the bed while she babbles on that Claudia came looking for her in the library and couldn't find her. Evan suggests that she tell everyone she's working with Isabel. Julia says that would mean telling Isabel about them. Julia says, "There is a solution. I could tell my family." She continues that they will give her a hard time about the age difference, but she's happy and she wants to share that. Because, you know, God forbid she think about the rest of her family. No, it's all about what makes Julia happy. Evan says that she should tell them. Julia suggests that they tell her family together, and that Evan could come to their dinner tomorrow night. Evan agrees to come. Then they start making out again.

Charlie walks into a small office where a woman is on the phone, and tells him to come in and then asks who he is again. Charlie introduces himself and we find out this woman is Myra's mom. Charlie wants to talk to her about the shoplifting incident. Myra's mom says that she shoplifted too, except she never got caught and gives a "stealing is funny" chuckle. So we know that she is being set up to be the bad parent, in contrast to Charlie's sterling example of "good parent" which apparently included abandoning your little brother to the nanny and forgetting about your practically newborn daughter until it's convenient to the storyline. Anyway, Charlie says that he identifies with her as a single parent, because he was one too until recently, and he knows that it's hard. However, Myra tells him that her mom is never home. Myra's mom talks about her janitorial supplies business, and how hard she has worked to build it up, and how much time it takes, and says that Myra is fine and she's been taking care of herself since she was seven years old. Charlie gets all sanctimonious and says that's the problem -- seven-year-olds are not okay being alone and neither are sixteen-year-olds. This despite the fact that less than a year ago he LOST his brother Owen in the mall and does anyone ever really take note of what is going on with Claude? Myra's mom (finally we get a name -- Sylvia) says that there is no problem, and gives Charlie some serious grapefruit face. To give you a good visual, I believe Sylvia is played by the same actress (Jenny O'Hara) who played the nurse on ER who was floated down to Emergency medicine, when actually she was normally a floor nurse, and clashed with Carol, but ended up nearly killing someone. Also, she played Scott Scanlon's mother on 90210. Yeah, that lady.

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