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Too Close

The next morning, Kirsten is pouring coffee for Myra and asks if she has a hangover. Myra says, "Mr. Salinger never mentioned you." Kirsten offers her some breakfast. Myra says that Kirsten is pretty and she can see why Charlie married her. Kirsten does look pretty this morning. Charlie is on the phone with Sylvia, and says that she can call the precinct if she wants, but Myra was drunk; he could smell it and she woke up at 4 AM and threw up. Back in the kitchen, Myra asks to use the bathroom and passes Charlie on her way in. Charlie tells Kirsten that Sylvia told him just to send Myra to school. Kirsten says, "She doesn't even have a change of clothes, and she's sick," and I think the order of those two things shows you her priorities in life. Charlie says he tried to tell Sylvia that. Kirsten says that they are spending so much money and sacrificing so much for a child and Sylvia just wants them to put Myra on a bus. Then Charlie and Kirsten discuss some more what great people they are and how much Myra's mom stinks, even though Myra is right in the other room.

At Stilman Press, Julia tells Evan that everyone missed him at dinner. Evan sends his regrets, and says he feels bad about it. Julia says, "You feel bad." Evan says that he had no idea his meeting would go on so long. Julia tells him to stop by their house to meet the family. Evan says he will, and tries to get back to work. Julia tells him to pick a night right now. Evan says that he's very busy. Julia finally quits the passive-aggressive approach and tells Evan to admit that he doesn't want to meet her family. Evan tries to object, so Julia says she will bring them all to his office so he can't wriggle out of it. Boy, she is persistent. Evan says that he's not sure about meeting her family and he would like to wait, but he will meet them tomorrow if it would make her happy. Except he says it in that annoying rhetorical question way that one of my old bosses used, and that I hate. Would I do it tomorrow if it would make you happy? Absolutely. Am I looking for an answer to these questions? No. Does anyone know why I'm talking like this? Definitely not.

Bailey, Will and Griffin are standing outside a strip club. Bailey doesn't want to go in and Will and Griffin try to convince him. Will says that it will be a chance for human interaction. Bailey wonders how that could be the case since they aren't allowed to talk to or touch the women. Will says the interaction will be with his friends. Griffin says he's going to go inside while they hash it out. Bailey makes fun of Will's interaction explanation: "Hey man, wonder what she looks like naked. Well, pretty much like that." Will says, "You make it sound totally cheap and empty." Bailey gives him a look like, "Duh!"

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Party of Five




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