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Too Close

Kirsten walks in the door and Charlie asks what they said. Kirsten reports that three pre-embryo cells are dividing. I guess this is good news because they hug. She shows him a picture of the embryos and says they implant them tomorrow. She turns around to shut the door and Myra is standing there. Myra says she needs Charlie to call Ms. Grey and tell her Myra is fine, and that what Charlie said was wrong. Kirsten excuses herself. Charlie says that reporting that stuff is the law and he should've done it earlier. Myra begs him to call the principal and tell her that everything is fine between Myra and her mom. Charlie says he can't, and that they shouldn't even be talking, and that he has to step back. Also, he doesn't have time. Myra says that he had time before. Charlie says he has more stuff going on now. Myra says he can't pretend to be her friend, tutor her and get her to tell him about her life and then drop her. Charlie says he just did. Well, actually he says he is her teacher, not her friend, and that she shouldn't call or stop by uninvited. Myra says she won't, if he will call Ms. Grey and take it back. Charlie says that it's out of his hands now. Myra hits the door and then stomps on out of there.

Evan and Julia are walking down the street, having just come out of a jazz club. Julia says it makes sense to wait to tell people about them, but the problem is that it makes her feel bad. She has the same issues as everyone else about their age, but she got into the relationship because it feels good to be with him. What others think doesn't matter to her -- unless Evan doesn't feel good. Evan says he does feel good. Julia says that if he truly did, he wouldn't have to hide or make excuses.

Bailey meets up with the crazy lady from the bar. She says that she never thought he would call. We find out that her name is Tracy. Bailey says he did call and Tracy says it's only because he's desperate. Tracy babbles on about how they talked about his girlfriend, so would it be horrible if and other such nonsense until finally Bailey says, "What?" and she gives him a big smacker right on the lips. She says that she had to. Bailey wipes the kiss off his mouth like a little kid and says, "That was...whatever." Geez, Bailey, don't kill her with kindness. Tracy says that he can send her on her way now, and Bailey says that it was okay that she kissed him, and he gives her a big smacker right back, and he doesn't even wipe it off after. Well, they cut away mid-kiss but I'm projecting.

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Party of Five




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