Party of Five
Too Cool For School

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Too Cool For School

Todd comes to the Salinger home to apologize to Claudia. He's carrying a huge bouquet of roses and a gigantic, phallic replica of the Empire State Building. He starts in on a big apology and compliments Claudia, but she cuts him off and says she doesn't need to know everything. He just needs to tell her if she should worry. He says she doesn't need to worry. They kiss while Todd awkwardly juggles the Empire State Building, and I don't want to think about what that was supposed to symbolize.

Charlie and Bailey are in Charlie's office waiting to hear if Gus will accept their offer for the factory. Bailey is all antsy, asking the time every few minutes and suggesting they call Gus. Charlie thinks they should just wait because Gus said he would call. Bailey jokingly asks if he specified a year. The phone rings and Charlie answers. It's Gus. Bailey is trying to figure out what Gus is saying as Charlie just listens and then hangs up. Bailey figures from Charlie's expression that they got turned down, and he starts talking about sweetening the deal. Charlie says that the company is his. Bailey is freaking out and says they have to celebrate and call the family to fill them in. Charlie looks like he's in shock, and he walks out into the factory to look at all that belongs to him in his rightful role as President Salinger.

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Party of Five




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