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Too Cool For School

Charlie is meeting with the management of Giant Furniture Corporation (or, as they are calling it in this show, Standard Home Furnishings, but you know what they mean). They finish watching a video about the company and the head guy tells Charlie that his company's distribution facilities would allow Charlie to concentrate on building and not have to worry his pretty little head about the business end of things. Then he asks whether Charlie has had a chance to look over the compensation package they are offering. I have to say that I never thought I would be using words like "distribution facilities" and "compensation package" while recapping this show. That just goes to show you how boring this storyline is. Anyway, Charlie saw it and it's impressive. The head guy realizes that Charlie is not quite on board yet. Charlie says he's worried about his current designs, as well as designs that he's created but has yet to put into production. The head guy says Charlie should put together a portfolio blah blah blah run it past the Executive Design Group blah blah blah run it past marketing blah blah blah bureaucracy-cakes.

Claudia and Todd are at a street festival. Todd is going to New York for a job, and Claudia tells him to have fun. Todd complains that he's going to be locked in a "smelly recording studio," which is what he told Mabel when she asked him to go out. Claude's all "Who's Mabel?" and Todd's all, "Just a girl I used to know" like that doesn't throw up all kinds of red flags. Todd says they grew up together and then she moved to New York for work. Claudia asks what kind of work, and Todd admits that she's a model. Mabel the model. You'd think she'd have changed her name. Claudia is all jealous and wants to know if they have kept in touch, and Todd tells her that she writes to him. Claudia wants to know if they dated, but I thought we already established a long time ago that Claudia is the first female Todd has dated. Todd says they didn't date (see?) but Mabel did kiss him once. Claudia is getting more and more upset with this conversation, and then Todd says he thinks Mabel was in love with him, but it was a long time ago, and he shouldn't have said anything. Claudia thinks he should have told her all this a while ago, because now she feels like he was hiding it from her, but then she tells him to forget it.

Holly is studying at her apartment and giving Bailey a hard time about not wanting to go back to college. Bailey says that his years of experience in school have shown him that he hates it, and finds it boring. Holly throws out a factoid about the number of minerals a liver filters in a year (2000, if you really must know), and says that it's interesting. Bailey says it's interesting to her, but not to him. Holly points out that college is filled with many subjects, and Bailey just has to find one that interests him. Bailey thinks that life is more interesting than anything you could read in a book. Holly says that when she finds a subject interesting, she always wants to read more about it. I'm not trying to harp on how ridiculous this storyline is (really, I'm not) but there are lots of college programs that offer credit for life experience, and offer many internship and co-op opportunities, if Bailey wants to be such a student of life.

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