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Too Cool For School

Claudia is on the phone with Todd, telling him about what she saw Victor doing. In the middle of her story, a woman picks up the extension. Do hotel rooms have extensions? Claudia asks who it was, and Todd's all "no one" like clearly he didn't hear Claudia in their last scene together, where she told him that hiding something makes him look more guilty. Claudia points that out, and Todd says he and Mabel were leaving a club and got rained on, so she came to his room to take a hot bath, and then she lost her purse so she's spending the night. Is he really this clueless, or is he playing Claudia? Claude hangs up on him.

Bailey tells Charlie he has talked to a couple of venture capitalist guys he knows. Furniture isn't really their thing, since they're more into dot-coms, but Bailey talked to them anyway. Bailey thinks if they could scrape up a little collateral, they could get the loan. Bailey points out that the house, the restaurant and their cars could all be used as collateral. As if Bailey's Jeep is worth anything after having been in two accidents, and we've seen Julia's car, so I don't need to say anything about that. Plus, aren't they still in debt for Griffin's hospital bills? Anyway, Charlie tells Bailey no way. Bailey doesn't want him to give up. Charlie says he isn't giving up. He just realized that he's asking a lot of people to risk a great deal. Wait, Charlie realized that he's not the only person in the world! Bailey tries to bring him back into the Salinger mindset by telling him that the company needs him. Charlie says he can still be there under Standard, and get a nice salary and have more time to spend with Kirsten. Bailey says that this is the right time for Charlie to take this chance, but Charlie doesn't think it is.

Claudia comes in the kitchen where Victor is talking on the phone. He is telling "Val" that she can't hide from him, and he'll come down there if he has to, but when he sees Claudia he gets off the phone quickly. Claudia asks whether everything is okay, and Victor says it is. Claudia explains about how she saw Victor when she got off the bus. Victor doesn't get what she's trying to say. Claudia basically says she thinks he was buying drugs, without using the words "buying" or "drugs." Victor pulls the race card, saying that she thinks it was "a crack whore selling to the Puerto Rican guy." Claudia says that she doesn't think that, even though she kind of does, and that since he takes care of her brother, she deserves to know what's going on. Victor says he has given her no reason not to trust him, and that if having no privacy is a condition of his employment, then he won't be working there anymore. Wilson Cruz does a good job with those impassioned speeches. You kind of have to on this show.

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