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Too Cool For School

Julia is watching Adam write, and wants to know why he's so quiet. Maybe because he's writing? She wants to know why one minute he's picking fights with the professor and then the next minute he's being sweet, and that the school is going to suspend him. Because he yelled at a professor? Wow, that's a strict school. Adam feels like he doesn't belong there, because he's a rebel, man, a rebel. Julia is just living in a square world, conforming to the bourgeoisie, and buying their scene and Adam wants to go out on the road and howl at the moon, because he's a lone wolf and he can't run with the pack. Well, maybe I got a little carried away. Julia says he thinks she's a lemming for listening to the professor, but at least she can commit to something. Oh, like your marriage? Adam says, "Oh, like your book?" and then reminds us that the book is about Ned (because Ned is coming back next week, so they had to say his name at least once this week to remind us about that storyline which has remained unspoken since Ned left the show). Adam basically says that Julia slinks around begging for scraps of approval, but she needs to believe in her own work, and that maybe he could commit to things, but that he is committed to himself. He's true to his art, man. His art is pure. I'll stop, because I could go on all day.

Holly and Bailey are sleeping at Holly's apartment. Boy, this relationship went from zero to fifty-five in about three seconds, huh? One minute they aren't speaking and now they're spending nights together? Anyway, Holly wakes up to see Bailey reading her freshman economics textbook. Bailey says he's been reading it for a few hours, and it's completely fascinating to him. Okay, wouldn't he have taken basic economics in high school? He's acting like he's never heard of economics before. Anyway, Bailey tells Holly about the lecture he went to that day, and that he thought the professor was wrong, but after reading the textbook, he realized the professor was right. God forbid the people on this show realize that university professors might actually know something about their subject matter. Bailey thinks the book is really good. Holly is surprised. Bailey says that now that he's been out in the world, he can see that the contents of the book apply to real life situations, and it's not just words on a page. Holly wonders if this changes his mind about college, and Bailey says he's willing to give it a try.

Charlie and Kirsten come to the restaurant to meet up with Julia, Claudia and Bailey. Kirsten has to make a comment about how having family lunch saves her from having to eat at her desk, in case we suspected that she skips lunch. I don't know why we would think that. Maybe because she's a stick figure? Can Paula Devicq have a scene where she doesn't pretend to eat, talk about eating, or talk about throwing up? Claudia says it's not really a family lunch, and Julia says they need to talk. Kirsten worries that something is wrong, but Bailey says they want Charlie to buy the furniture company. Charlie says that they already talked about this, but Claudia says they want to go in on the business with him. Julia says Bailey filled them in and they know that Charlie needs collateral, and they all want to put up their shares of the restaurant. Charlie is shocked, and thinks it's generous. Bailey says it's a good investment. Charlie says that it's risky. Bailey says they would rather own a piece of a growing business, implying that the restaurant is not growing anymore. Charlie says that Salinger's is their father's restaurant and the family business and he can't imagine what would happen if they lost it. I can. The rest of the family would have to go out and get actual jobs. Julia says it's possible they could lose the business, but that the family is different now, and that maybe the family business should be different too. Bailey says that business school talks about investing in what you know, and they all know that Charlie will be a success, so it feels safe to bet on him. I have to say that I really enjoy the scenes with the whole family. I'm not sure if the annoyance gets spread out or if I just enjoy the concept that the series was founded on -- that this group of orphans has to pull together and make it work.

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