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Too Cool For School

Victor is cleaning up after Owen's lunch. Claudia comes in and sends Owen upstairs so she can talk to Victor about what happened the night before. Victor admits that he lost his temper. Claudia launches into a speech about how his personal life has nothing to do with his job, which I still don't think is exactly true. Victor agrees with me, and tells Claudia that the woman she saw is named Valerie and she was his girlfriend back home in Brooklyn. If Victor grew up in Brooklyn, wouldn't he have an accent? At least a little? That's just lazy writing. Anyway, Victor says he was nineteen and he didn't know if he was gay, straight or something in-between back then. He dated Valerie for a while and then she got pregnant. She wanted to get married, but he was starting to realize things about himself, so he couldn't. When she asked him for help with their baby, Victor panicked and didn't. She moved out to San Francisco to be with her parents. Later, Victor realized that he should help out with his daughter, so he sold everything and moved out to San Francisco, but Valerie's parents wouldn't let him see Val or their daughter. Val lets him give her money sometimes, and that's what Claudia saw. Also, that day, Valerie gave him a picture of their daughter, and Victor shows Claudia the picture. Claudia comments that she looks a lot like him. Victor says Val's parents think he doesn't want to be a good father, but he really does. You know, I know I asked for Victor to get a storyline, but couldn't they have come up with something better than this? This is lame. Couldn't he have gotten a boyfriend or something?

Julia knocks on Adam's door. There's no answer, but she hears music playing so she walks right in. She starts talking to Adam but when she gets into the living room, a strange guy named Blair is in there. Julia asks where Adam is and Blair explains that Adam left and that Blair is staying there until he gets back. Julia asks for details and Blair remembers that Adam left a message on the machine for her. Why wouldn't he leave a message on her machine? Or a note? How strange is it to leave a message for her on your own answering machine? Julia plays it, and I get excited that a man is actually going to reject Julia. Adam says he's going to visit some friends at a commune in Mexico where he can run wild in the desert and sleep naked under the stars while the coyotes howl. Well, he doesn't say that last part, but he should have. Then Adam says that Julia is the only thing that makes sense right now in his life, but that's not enough. Then he says that Ned is coming back next week, so he had to get out of the way to make room for him.

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