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We Gather Together

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We Gather Together

Bailey is on the phone making plans with Tracy. Will enters with two ring girls. Bailey ends up breaking his plans with Tracy to go out with "Tribeca." Tracy ends up telling him to come over as late as he wants. Will asks if Bailey is having fun yet, and Bailey replies, "You have no idea." It's funny when people have a lot of sex, isn't it?

Charlie and Kirsten are at a restaurant, waiting for a table to "celebrate". Kirsten fills us in that Sylvia dropped all the charges. Charlie says that she apologized, and Kirsten points out that she apologized to Myra but not to Charlie. Charlie says that's not what they're celebrating. They are celebrating that they got pregnant, and they will again, and he wants to start trying again right away. Kirsten suggests trying the old-fashioned way first. I've said it before -- I really don't need to know anything about those two having sex.

Brian is sitting at a table, writing something. Julia comes downstairs and asks if he's leaving. Brian says he was just writing them a note. Julia asks if he's going back to school, and Brian asks whether Evan told her about their talk. It seems that Evan said that Brian either has to pay back all the lost tuition money, or go back to school. Brian feels like his dad had been coached, and that it was like arguing with someone else -- like Julia. Brian puts on his coat and tells Julia that she's way too young for his dad, but he thinks his dad is lucky. Julia thanks him and gives him a hug. As she pulls away, Brian kisses her. She kind of shoves him away and Brian leaves. I think that scene would have been even better if Evan had seen it from the top of the stairs, but missed the part where Julia pushed him away. Don't you think? Anyway, I think my boyfriend put it best when he said that Neve Campbell is not all that, and he doesn't get why all these men fall hopelessly in love with her character. Exactly.

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Party of Five




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