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We Gather Together

Joe shows Bailey the Thanksgiving menu for Salinger's. Bailey expresses surprise that the restaurant is going to be open on Thanksgiving. Joe says that he doesn't have anything better to do, and besides, the numbers have been "trending down" lately. Bailey insists that the numbers are fine, and also that Joe should have Thanksgiving dinner at Casa de Salinger. As Bailey and Joe are having this conversation, a woman walks into the restaurant. Joe starts to tell her that they're not open yet, but Bailey realizes it is Tracy, his married consort from last week. Bailey says that he's been blowing her off because she's married. Tracy says, "You care more about my marriage than the two people in it." She goes on to say that if her being married doesn't bother her, it shouldn't bother Bailey. Bailey asks about her husband. Tracy says, "Franklin couldn't care less" and reveals that he is going to London with his secretary for Thanksgiving, so she wants to spend it with Bailey. Bailey says he can't do that and Tracy leaves. Well, I guess that's the last we've seen of her! I bet she won't be back. In Bizarro World, that is. On this show, I bet she'll reappear before the end credits.

Claudia is walking down the hallway in school, trying to hide behind her hair. Derrick approaches her and says that he heard she was sick, and asks if she's okay. Throughout this scene, Claudia doesn't really say much except to repeat the last word Derrick said in a questioning way, so I'm just going to leave her out of it. In your mind, just insert a shot of Claudia looking confused and upset after everything Derrick says, and you've pretty much got it. Anyway, Derrick says he was going to call her but he thought she would be mad about the party. He says he "got a little out of control" but they were just having fun and he's sorry. When Claudia continues to be silent, he asks what she wants him to say and then leaves. Claudia continues to look sickened.

In the Salinger kitchen, Victor points out a job in the paper to Daphne, and says it "looks promising." Daphne doesn't respond because she is gazing dreamily out the window at Griffin. Victor notes that Griffin "looks even more promising." Daphne says that she can't start anything with Griffin because it would be "too weird," and Victor counters that it would be "too perfect." Daphne says that Griffin isn't interested anyway, and Victor says she should make him interested. Daphne asks how she's supposed to do that, and says in a mock-sensuous way, "Oh, Griffin, oh!" What she doesn't know is that Griffin has walked into the kitchen during that last part and he says, "What?" I have to admit that I giggled at the expressions on Daphne and Victor's faces. Daphne tries to cover and when Griffin turns his back, Victor and Daphne have one of those gesture-laden, silent conversations over what she should do next. Daphne tells Griffin that she has a job interview and Victor makes an obvious mention of Daphne's car not working. Griffin asks about the car and Daphne and Victor do that two-different-answers-at-the-same-time thing, last employed to great effect on shows like Full House. Griffin gets the hint and offers Daphne a ride. After he walks out, Daphne tells Victor he's pure evil and he says she's welcome and does a weird smoothing down her hair type gesture. I love Victor. He's easily my favorite person on this show. But that gesture was a little much.

Evan and Julia are walking down the street, and Evan is babbling about something. Julia says, "I know this is completely none of my business..." and I can't believe that she's going to just butt out! Except she continues, "But you wanna tell me what happened with Brian this morning?" Wasn't she standing right there? She saw what happened. Evan tries to downplay the argument, saying that it's a game between them. He reveals that he doesn't talk to his son very often, and that he feels Brian just acts out to get a reaction from him. Julia says maybe it would be cheaper to just react, referring to all the tuition money Evan has spent. Evan says he tried that, he tried crying, he even tried family therapy. He wonders if he became a father too young, since he was only eighteen when Brian was born. I was wondering about that! Evan feels like everything he says to Brian is wrong, so now he just doesn't say anything. ["My mom was younger than that when I was born, and I managed to keep my ass in university. I'm just sayin'. So that's no excuse." -- Wing Chun]

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Party of Five




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