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We Gather Together

Will pulls something out of the fridge at the Salingers' house as Joe tries to get a final head count on Thanksgiving dinner. He lists off everyone on the show now, and there are a lot of them! Bailey says, "Remember when it was Salinger, party of five?" which was kind of funny. Will says he'll be there for dinner since his parents aren't speaking to him. Victor passes through, having locked Owen in the basement for the night, and Bailey invites him to Thanksgiving dinner. Victor says that they already have enough people coming, and Joe says they'll do pot luck. Bailey says they won't do pot luck. The numbers may be down at the restaurant, but they can afford to feed everyone. That's the second reference to the numbers being down, so I'm predicting a future storyline where the restaurant starts losing money. Anyway, Bailey pretty much orders Victor to be there on Thanksgiving.

Kirsten tells Charlie that he can't sign the papers, because that would be like admitting guilt. Charlie says that he's thought about it, and that resigning will give them more options, because he will be able to work more hours at the furniture factory and still get paid by the school, which will mean he'll be making twice as much as he was before. Kirsten says that she doesn't care about the money. Charlie sees that she's getting upset and reminds her that the doctor told her stress would be bad for a potential pregnancy. Kirsten keeps going, saying that Sylvia should be thanking Charlie for trying to help her daughter. Charlie yells out "Stop!" and says he's going to take the deal just because Kirsten is so upset. She could be pregnant right now, so it's no time for them to be starting a war. On a completely unrelated topic, have you noticed that these two don't seem to have any friends at all? They spend all their time together or with Charlie's family.

Claudia comes into Julia's room. Julia is typing away on a laptop in what looks like a really uncomfortable position. She needs to get a desk. Claudia asks if she can tell Julia something, and if Julia will promise not to tell anyone. Julia agrees. Claudia fills her in on what happened with Derrick, and in the telling she starts crying and Julia also starts crying. Julia tells Claudia that she has to report him to the school and to his parents. Hey, Empathy Girl. How about taking a little time to tell Claudia that she didn't do anything wrong, and making sure she is really okay, before you go ordering her around? Just a suggestion. Anyway, Claudia says that's why she didn't want to tell anyone. Julia gives her the "he's done it before and he'll do it again" speech that has previously been employed on such fine programming as Blossom. Claudia says she doesn't want to talk about it. Julia asks her to promise to talk to someone. Isn't that what she just did? Oh, I guess Julia meant Claudia should talk to someone who will actually be helpful.

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Party of Five




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