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We Gather Together

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We Gather Together

Julia watches Evan talk to Brian outside. Charlie comes in and sees Evan, and says that he wants to meet him. Julia asks him to wait, because Evan is working some stuff out with his son. Charlie says, "His son?" and looks amused that Julia is dating someone so old.

Will talks to Bailey about double dating with a couple of "ring girls" from his wrestling internship. I realize that Will has tuned into Steve Sanders from 90210. Think about it. Perpetually horny. Irresponsible. Balding. Gets a woman pregnant. It fits. Anyway, Brandon, I mean Bailey doesn't want to go. Will says he's as fun as "a sack of wet laundry." Bailey is all "You can't talk to ring girls" and Will is all "Who cares?" Will says that Bailey is supposed to be more spontaneous these days, and points out that Sarah isn't having any trouble being spontaneous. Bailey keeps trying to object, but before he can get a word out, Will says, "Do it!" This happens about three times and then Bailey agrees to go.

Griffin almost knocks Daphne over in the kitchen. Daphne says he seems skittish and that he needs to relax. I think she's going to offer him a massage, like that's not the second oldest trick in the seduction book, but instead she goes more obvious: Get him drunk. She offers Griffin some "Pilgrim Punch." Does that mean punch made out of Pilgrims? After a terrible John Wayne impersonation by Daphne, they drink. After each sip, Daphne pours more straight alcohol into their glasses until they are pretty much doing shots.

Julia and Kirsten discuss how good the food looks, as if Kirsten eats, ever. Evan and Brian are fighting off-screen. Julia walks over and asks Evan what happened and he says that Brian left. Julia urges him to go after his son, but he refuses. Evan says that Brian thinks his father doesn't have any emotions, and that they fight but nothing gets better. Julia says that he has to go after him because there's no one else to do it. Julia says she'll go after him. Evan says that Julia should butt out of his business. Okay, actually he agrees with her, but my way was more fun.

Griffin and Daphne, clearly drunk, stumble down the basement steps. I guess it's time to bring up Owen, Diana or Thurber for a plot point. Oh, actually they're looking for more liquor. You'd think they wouldn't have much liquor around the house since Bailey is a recovering alcoholic. Daphne spies some and Griffin lifts her up to get it, but it's balsamic vinegar. So they start doing it right there. Griffin grunts a lot when he kisses.

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Party of Five




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