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Wrestling Demons

Charlie is helping some kid in shop class when Kirsten shows up with coffee and asks if he's free. Do they just let anyone walk into school these days? Charlie has a Homer moment: "Mmm, bear claws." Kirsten says she has some information about "starting...expanding our family." I'm glad someone remembered Owen and Diana. Charlie pulls out a manila envelope and says he has some information too. Kirsten starts looking through it and it's all about adoption. Kirsten says she's glad Charlie is behind this, but wouldn't having one of their own be better than adopting? Charlie says it would, but that's not going to happen. Kirsten starts babbling about how fertility treatment has come a long way blah blah endometriosis blah blah in-vitro blah blah fishcakes (tm Sars). Charlie looks overwhelmed but agrees to try. Kirsten tells him she has an appointment with a specialist at 3 PM and asks if he can come with her. He says yes.

Claudia is reading from www.meanstuffaboutClaude' to Lex and Cameron. It says mean things about Lex, specifically that she has exclusive parties and cares more about shopping than studying. Lex says, "He's saying I'm completely superficial!" Cameron suggests that she skip the mall this weekend. Lex says she won't stop being herself to make this guy happy. Claudia suggests that nothing would make this guy happy and looks at Cameron real hard.

Griffin walks into the kitchen and drinks orange juice out of the carton. Victor is totally checking him out as the camera pans from Griffin's head down to about his waist. I was wondering why Griffin was still on the show, and clearly he's there to be the beefcake. I'm cool with that. Victor asks who he is. Griffin says, "You the new nanny? I'm Griffin. I rent the shed out back for my business. Good luck." Griffin leaves. Owen comes in and says he asked Claudia about the haunted house and she said it was okay with her. Julia said she doesn't care. Victor asks what Bailey said, and Owen says they make decisions by majority rule, and it's 3-1 in favor of the haunted house. Victor reluctantly agrees but says that Owen has to be willing to accept the consequences of the party. After a painful analogy involving coconuts, Owen understands the concept of consequences and agrees to accept the fallout from making the haunted house.

Julia runs and catches up with Isabel, who appears to be leaving class. Isabel asks Julia to stop missing class so she won't have to spend so much time denying rumors. Julia says she was with Evan and then asks what Isabel means by rumors. Isabel says people are saying that Julia "got the deal on her back, and the book ain't the only thing Evan wants between covers." Julia acts all insulted and insists that Evan is old and she works for him. Isabel says that they are "a cliché, obvious. You've both got looks. You've both got brains. You've got matching joneses for books." Julia denies it some more and says that Evan's "not interested in me and I...feel the same". Isabel seems convinced and is ready to drop it. Julia won't let it go and keeps talking and talking about Evan until Isabel kind of raises her eyebrow as if to say, "You're just proving me right." Julia says it doesn't prove that she interested. Isabel says, "I didn't say anything!" This storyline could not be more contrived. Really, protesting your interest as sign of actual interest has been done to death.

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