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Wrestling Demons

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Wrestling Demons

Will and Bailey are at the airport. Instead of having a sign with the guy's real name, Will is holding a sign that says, "Mr. Mayhem." The aforementioned Mr. Mayhem arrives. He's gigantic. Will introduces him to Bailey, and Mr. Mayhem says, "Walnut Creek." They all get in the car and Bailey is worried that Mayhem said, "Walnut Creek." Will protests that Mayhem is supposed to go to the city to meet with Publicity. Mayhem says he wants to see his wife in Walnut Creek, and gives the address and directions. Wrestlers are so helpful. Bailey argues with Will, saying he doesn't have time to go to Walnut Creek. Will doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news to Mayhem. Bailey suggests to Mayhem that he use Bailey's phone to call his wife and have her meet them in the city. Mayhem says no and takes the phone. He asks if Bailey has a problem with that, and then throws the phone out the window and locks the door so Bailey can't go get it. Forget what I said earlier about him being helpful.

Mr. Mayhem is pacing in front of a house and Bailey asks what he's doing. Will says he's checking to see if his wife is home and Bailey suggests he try the doorbell. Will says that "things are dicey between Mayhem and Isis since the whole Monstra thing." He explains that Monstra put the moves on Mayhem and Isis caught them. I think I'd rather watch that show than this one! Sign me up. Bailey asks Will if any part of that is real and Will says it is. Bailey says he is stranded with Will and "no pay phone, no cell phone, while someone named Mayhem works out his issues with Isis and Monstra!" Will asks Bailey to roll with it. Bailey talks about all the things he's missing while he's there. Will tells him maybe he needs to take a vacation from "the middle-aged Bailey thing and cut loose." Thank you! Bailey says that he's "sorry he's not all jiggy to be running around with you on your teenage thrill ride." Mayhem wants to hoist Bailey up to the balcony to get into the house, but Bailey refuses. A few minutes later, we see Bailey flying up to the balcony. Scott Wolf did a good job with this whole subplot, I thought. It was funny when he said "jiggy."

Julia walks into Stilman Press. Evan is laughing with a woman. As Julia approaches, he says that she missed him telling a joke and takes her elbow to lead her into his office. Julia glances at his hand on her elbow. As they get into his office, he puts his hand on her arm and she looks at that too. While he continues to babble, she totally checks out his crotch. Ha! Finally, he asks if she's busy tonight because he has tickets to some Hallowe'en fundraiser costume ball. She thinks he's asking her out on a date and gets all nervous. Evan says that the reason he has extra tickets is that his date wants a quiet dinner instead. Julia realizes she misunderstood and takes the tickets. As much as Neve Campbell generally annoys me, I thought she did a good job portraying someone who has suddenly realized they might be interested in someone else, especially the hypersensitivity-to-touch part.

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