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Wrestling Demons

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Wrestling Demons

As Motown plays, Julia and Isabel enter the charity function. Julia is dressed as Tippi Hedren from The Birds, complete with wires holding fake birds swarming her head. Isabel is a belly dancer. Isabel spots Evan dressed as a New York Yankee and says he's hot. When Evan comes up to them, Julia says she thought he had a date. He says he did, but his cousin backed out. Isabel introduces herself and talks about how much she loves Evan's magazine. Julia tries to talk about work but Evan tells her tonight is for fun. He flirts with Isabel some more and then asks her to dance.

Kirsten and Charlie are at home. Kirsten wants to talk. Charlie wants to grease his hair back like Pat Riley. I think that's his new look until I remember it's Hallowe'en. Phew! Charlie says that she is trying to keep stuff from him, which Kirsten denies. Charlie says she made an appointment for the middle of the day and gave him no time to think about it, and wonders if this is why Paul didn't want to go through this. Kirsten says it was hard enough to convince Paul to have a kid at all, much less to convince him to take the smallest risk. Charlie says it's not a small risk -- Kirsten would have to go off her antidepressants and go on the hormones which cause an "emotional roller coaster," and that's not a small risk for her. Kirsten says it's her body and her decision, and she's okay with it. Charlie asks if she's so okay with it, why did she avoid the truth with him?

Bailey and Will have escaped the wrestlers and are walking down the street. Will is all excited about what happened, and he can't believe Bailey didn't have fun. Bailey says he was out of control all day and he has people who depend on him, plus he might have missed Sarah's call. That might be sad or middle-aged to Will, but it's true.

Julie stabs the pâté with toothpicks as Isabel dances with Evan. Isabel comes over and Julia asks what she's doing. Isabel replies, "Whatever I can, baby!" Julia asks her to stop because it makes her feel uncomfortable. Isabel says she doesn't care. There aren't many good men out there, and she isn't going to give up on this one because it makes Julia feel awkward, unless she's interested in Evan. Another woman spills something on Evan's uniform and Isabel says that one of them better go over to him or they're both going to lose him to the new woman, and Julia gets first shot. After a couple of false starts, Julia says she'll go. I think we need more characters like Isabel and Will to tell the Salingers what's what.

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Party of Five




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