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Wrestling Demons

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Wrestling Demons

Bailey walks into the house and sees tons of people in costume. Claudia is dressed up as Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles, I think, and she's dancing with a bunch of ten-year-olds. Griffin is dressed up like a greaser, which means hardly any costume at all. Owen (dressed as a lion, I think) and Victor (dressed as a pharaoh) run by. Bailey walks in and checks the messages, but there aren't any. Victor explains that he and Owen had stuff to work out, but then Owen walks in so Victor starts giving a speech about how it's all his fault and he's the one to blame. Then he says, "Right, Owen?" Owen says no. Victor asks if Owen would like to tell Bailey another version. Owen says no. Victor asks if Bailey has anything to say to Owen, like maybe something about consequences. Bailey says he doesn't know why Sarah didn't call. Victor says she did leave a message, and tells Bailey to rewind the tape.

Alexa walks into the house crying and says that Cameron broke up with her. Claudia asks her about it and Lex says he told her he can't talk to her and that he wants to be himself. Oops! Lex cries and hugs Claudia, who looks a little guilty that she gave Cameron the words to use in the breakup.

Kirsten is sitting outside, and I have no idea what her costume is supposed to be. The only difference I can see from her normal look is that her hair actually has some volume, and it looks better. Charlie, dressed as a vampire and not Pat Riley, sits down next to her. Kirsten says she would be happy with any baby but she has a dream where they have a baby that looks like the two of them. She tells Charlie that the reality is that she doesn't remember being sick, but Charlie does and in some ways it was harder on him than on her.

Julia stands outside the kitchen of the ballroom and sees Evan and the other woman through the window in the door. She finally gets up her nerve to go in just as Evan is coming out and ends up hurting her hand. Julia is trying to tell him that she's interested in him, but Evan is all concerned about her hand and insists on taking her to the emergency room. He tells Isabel to call Julia's family and, as they are making their way out, says "Mind the birds, people." Hee!

Bailey is listening to the message from Sarah. I edited out all the pauses and other vocal quirks, but it basically says: "...all these wild surreal things going on and all these new people. And I would've called sooner but it's been sort of insane, you know? But not in a bad way. Kind of a good way, really. I mean, you'd probably hate it. But anyway, I'm sorry that I keep missing you. I'll call later, okay? I love you." The camera pans over to Bailey's reflection in the glass of the cupboard as he keeps rewinding the message and listening to it. Over and over, we hear Sarah saying, "Missing you. I'll call later, okay? I love you." That was really sad. Poor Bailey.

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Party of Five




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