Hostile Environment

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Anal rape is funny

Robert walks up to the wet bar next to Will and orders a scotch and soda. He smarmily tells Will how proud he is that Will was named publisher. Will asks Robert what he's doing with Jayleen. Robert insouciantly says he's thinking of bringing Jayleen back to the newspaper. He argues that she's talented, and since Will and Catherine have patched things up, there should be no problem. Will asks Robert if he's lost his mind. I don't know why anybody's surprised by Robert's behavior. Isn't this exactly why he didn't get the publisher spot in the first place? Robert snarks that he forgot that he has to ask Will for permission to hire people because he's the boss now. Robert starts to walk away, but Will calls after him to get Jayleen out of there. Robert refuses, and tells Will he can invite anybody to the party that he wants: "If I'm not mistaken, I invited you here about twenty years ago." Robert walks off; Will broods. He's a brooding machine, that Will.

Outside, Lily has noticed Henry skulking around the patio. She comes down and wants to know what Henry's doing there. He lets the cat partway out of the bag by telling her that Catherine invited him to come when she saw him at school earlier today. Lily's more confused than ever, not understanding why Catherine would do that. Henry stuffs the cat back into the bag and non-answers that it's all complicated. Just then, Henry's (alleged) mother wanders in. Henry stiffens, and his face gets all pale and sweaty. He looks like the person who has to go to Jennifer Lopez's dressing room to tell her that they're out of mineral water. Lily picks up on this and notices who Henry is staring at. Henry has flashbacks of the video and postcard from earlier in this very episode as he watches his (alleged) mother talk to her other husband. He stammers out an apology to Lily and says he can't talk now and escapes inside.

The Subplot Of Ick has dressed up for the party. Mason comes down the stairs and sees that Mona has been invited. They make some small talk. Mona is friendly to Mason and mentions seeing him skateboarding earlier. She seems to like him and has no idea what an icky little troll boy he is. Mason loses his nerve and stammers his way back up the stairs. Mona looks disappointed. She doesn't know how lucky she is…yet.

Boopsie has arrived at the party, after a brief stop in 1928 to pick up a fringed black mini-dress and one of those ancient cameras you have to load pieces of film into and yank out after each shot. Lillian finds her and complains that Boopsie is missing out on her opportunity to meet eligible rich men because she looks like an event photographer. Mom wants Boopsie to mingle. Boopsie refuses, claiming that she doesn't want to be part of some rich power couple. She wants somebody "fun and romantic and spontaneous," just like her. She forgot to add "easily distracted," "unfocused," and "naïve." Lillian ignores this and calls over an attractive young man to introduce him to Boopsie.

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