Hostile Environment

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Anal rape is funny

On the stairwell, a friend of George's is asking for everybody's attention so he can blather on about how great George is and offer up a toast. Lily draws Catherine's eye. Catherine is holding a glass of wine (chardonnay, perhaps?), and her casual posture suggests that it's not her first. Or her second, third, fourth, or perhaps fifth. The man finishes his toast and asks if anybody has anything else to add. A voice shouts out that he would. It's Nate, standing up on the second-floor balcony. I must recite Nate's speech in its entirety, and then try to recall my responses as I initially watched this episode. Nate says, "We all know that my Dad's a great publisher. But what you may not know is what an amazing father he is to his children. It's true, Dad. You are. For instance, this morning I woke up in this gay guy's hotel room. Just one of those things that happens to the best of us. I guess the night before I'd gone through $2,000 of his best Columbian blow. So he was pissed off -- and horny. If I didn't pay him back, he was going to take my virginity. But my dad came to the rescue. He offered me the money so I could pay off this guy, and that's the kind of dad George Greeley is. So I want to thank you, Pop, from the bottom of my bottom. You're the best." Everybody looks on with various levels of horror or humiliation, except for Robert and Jayleen, who look vaguely amused. Robert even smirks and offers a "Hear! Hear!" when Nate's done. I guess he's happy to see somebody else participating in the total humiliation of the Greeley family.

And here's me watching: "Hee. Everybody looks so embarrassed. Wait, what is he talking about? He didn't take his dad's money, though. So what is he saying? Wait. Is he saying…? No, he can't be saying that. They wouldn't let him suggest that some guy raped him. He is! No, he can't! This is primetime! On Fox! Owned by Rupert Murdoch! Nate got anally raped! Dude! This show is insane!" Nate regards George with -- you guessed it -- a smirk.

It's strangely disconcerting seeing a commercial featuring a father skiing with his kids right after this. I bet the folks on Temptation Island wouldn't mind giving it up for a coke binge, though. I bet that's how they got them on the show in the first place.

When we return, Nate tromps down the stairs to rub George's humiliation in his face. George menaces that obviously Nate wasn't listening to him. Actually, just about everything Philip Baker Hall says in this role sounds slightly menacing. If he said, "Have a nice day," there would be an unstated "or else" in the tone. Nate responds that George brought Nate into the world, and if he wants to be rid of his wayward son, he's going to have to do it himself. George menaces, "I just might do that." Nate turns to walk away; Jennie runs up to him and begs him to tell her that he's not gay. Regressing already, are we Jennie? I thought you had gotten over your bad-boy phase. Nate ignores her and walks off.

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