Hostile Environment

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Anal rape is funny

Off we go to Beth "Boopsie" Greeley's apartment, where it seems as though she and Lillian are talking again. While Boopsie prepares the two of them a drink in the kitchen, Lillian tells her, "You've always had a problem with petulance." I think they have pills for that now. I usually just blame the dog. Lillian adds, "And you're capricious. Just thinking about your love life gives me vertigo." That was probably from all the circus performers Boopsie's dated. Lillian points out that Boopsie is thirty, and that "debutantes should not ripen on the vine." I'm thirty, and it's Saturday night as I recap this. I burst into tears. Boopsie says she's not looking for anybody serious; she wants to focus on her art. Lillian regards her with raised eyebrows. Now we see that there's a canvas covered with a cloth in the room. Boopsie decides to show it to Lillian, even though she was going to wait for Catherine first. Boopsie peels off the sheet to reveal a harmless abstract painting of a nude male. You can't even see any naughty bits. It's rather blah. It's a painting that somebody might buy because it matches the décor of his or her living room, but it's not very memorable. Lillian, though, finds the painting horrifying. When Boopsie says a local studio might display it for her, Lillian responds, "Not with your name on it, I hope." Wow, that was cruel. Boopsie's used to it, I guess; she blandly responds that she intends to sign it.

Catherine finally arrives at the apartment. Lillian calls her over to see the painting. Catherine thinks it's nice; Lillian derisively comments that Boopsie plans to show it around town with her name on it. Catherine regards Lillian for a moment, then says, "Mother? Shut up, would you? God forbid you say an encouraging word about one of your own children." If Lillian were wearing pearls, she'd be clutching them right now. Catherine blasts Lillian about the way she and George treated Robert, grooming him for the role of publisher and then yanking it away. (Showing more concern for Robert's future than for Will's? Hmm.) She claims that Robert is "suicidal" over the whole affair. Lillian accuses Catherine of being dramatic and says it's all a bunch of "little boys fighting over toys." Yeah, it's not like the family's newspaper keeps Lillian in jewelry and country-club dinners or anything. Catherine says that Robert is not going to forgive them for screwing him over, and walks away. Lillian glares at the back of Catherine's head.

Suddenly, thumping techno dance music kicks up, and for a moment I was afraid I had been taping over an old episode of Queer as Folk and hit play instead of record. But no, we're still in Pasadena. We cut to Nate "Blow" Greeley, asleep in bed. We pan down a little bit, and I figure out where this is going a second before it happens; he's naked in bed with another man. Nate slowly wakes up, realizes this, and jumps out of bed. Nate stares at the other man, mouth agape, wondering if perhaps he and this guy smoked some crack together. And maybe did some drugs, too. Thank you and goodnight, everybody! Drive safely! Unclad Balthazar Getty is somewhat pudgy, but not repulsively so. It's the Matthew Perry/Charlie Sheen effect. I wonder if his friends say things like, "Have you seen Balty lately?" "Yeah, he's looking a bit bloated." "So he's still clean, then? Great."

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